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Cookie Policy

Through the following disclaimer, Corsini.Events S.r.l., holder of data processing, with headquarters in (50023) Impruneta (FI), in Via Imprunetana per Pozzolatico 116, in compliance with the obligations foreseen by art. 13 of D.Lgs. 196/2003 (henceforth “Privacy Code”), shall provide its system users with information regarding the cookies used by this website.

What are cookies?

A “cookie” is a small text file that is generated on the computer of a user the moment he/she accesses a given website, with the objective of storing and transporting information. Cookies are sent from a web server (the computer on which the visited website is running) to the user’s browser (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, etc.) and then memorised on the computer, to then finally be re-sent to the website during the following visits.

During navigation, the user may receive cookies from other, different websites on his/her terminal (so-called “third-party” cookies), which are set directly from managers of such websites and used for the objectives and through the modalities defined by them.

Kinds of cookies used by this website

This Website uses cookies to guarantee and assist the navigation and fruition of it’s content, as well as to gather information, in an aggregated form, with regards to visits to the website and the sharing of contents: under no circumstances are our cookies used for profiling, but the website allows the installation of third-party cookies for profiling, as indicated in detail in the present policy.

Holder of the cookies

The website solely uses technical cookies, in regards to which, in compliance with art. 122 of the Privacy Code and the Measure of the Data Protection Supervisor of May 8th 2014, no consensus by the interested party is requested; more precisely, the website uses: third-party cookies.

Some third-party cookies, even profiling ones, are installed through the website, which are activated by pressing “ACCEPT” on the banner in the website’s homepage.

Hereby is a detailed list of the single third-party cookies, as well as the link through which the user can receive more information and request the deactivation of the cookies:

Google Analytics

The Websites uses Google Analytics: a web data analysis tool provided by Google Inc. (“Google”), which uses cookies that are installed on the user’s computer to allow a statistical analysis, in aggregated form, with regard to the fruition of the visited website.

The Data generated by Google Analytics, even through the use of user IP addresses, is retained by Google, just as it is said within the Disclaimer that can be found at the following link:

To consult the privacy overview of Google Inc., the sole holder of the data processing concerning the Google Analytics service, please proceed to the following website

Moreover, at the following link Google provides an additional browser plugin for the disabling of Google Analytics.

Google Maps

This website uses Google Maps: a service provided by Google Inc. (“Google”) to include interactive maps within webpages. This service involves the installation of third-party cookies by Google.

To consult the privacy policy of Google Inc. and for the deactivation, please see the following link:

Social Buttons

Social buttons are represented by particular icons within the website which resemble the icons of social networks (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) and allow users that are navigating to directly interact with and reach these social networks through a simple “click”.

Social buttons are used by the Website in the footer are of the page, in the area dedicated to the presentation of the company’s information, and can be found in the form of links, which forward the user to the Proprietor’s account on the respective social media platforms. Through the use of these buttons, no third-party cookies are installed.

Instead, the social buttons used in the “Blog” page allow the respective social network of the specific button that is clicked to acquire data concerning the visits. Therefore, through the use of such buttons, third-party cookies are installed, some of which are even profiling. However, the Website does not share with the social networks represented through social buttons any navigation information or data of users collected through the Website.

Data processing modalities

Data processing is carried out by the Holder through the use of automated tools and no distribution or communication is made.

Contribution of data

With the exception of technical cookies, the contribution of data is entirely remanded to the willingness of the interested party that decides to navigate the website after having seen the brief disclaimer contained within the dedicated banner and/or using services that require the installation of cookies.

The interested party can avoid the installation of cookies by maintaining the banner (hence by not pressing on the “ACCEPT” button), as well as through functions available on his/her browser.

Disabling cookies

Keeping in mind the above-mentioned information with regard to cookies strictly necessary for navigation, the user can eliminate all other cookies through the function provided by the Holder through the present disclaimer or, otherwise, through his/her browser.

Each browser has a different procedure for the management of the settings. The user can obtain specific instructions through the following links:

Microsoft Windows Explorer

Google Chrome

Mozilla Firefox

Apple Safari

Disabling third-party cookies is also possible through the modalities directly provided by the third-party company that holds such procedures, as indicated by the links found in the paragraph named “third-party cookies”.

For more information on cookies archived on your terminal and to individually disable them, please visit the following link:

Rights of the interested party

In any moment, by sending an email to the Holder of data processing to the following address, the interested party may enforce his/her rights, as by art. 7 of D.Lgs. 196/2003, which is hereby transcribed.

Art. 7 D. Lgs. 196/2003

The interested party has the right to obtain the confirmation of the existence, or not, of personal data concerning him/her, even if this data has not yet been registered and their communication is intelligible.

The interested party has the right to obtain an indication:

a) of the origin of the personal data;

b) of the purposes of the data processing methods;

c) of the logic applied in the case of data processing carried out through the use of electronic instruments;

d) of the identification details of the holder, of those responsible and of the designed representative, according to article 5, comma 2;

e) of the subjects or of the categories of subjects to which the personal data can be communicated or that could receive it, in the capacity of designated representative within the State’s territory, people who are responsible or have been entrusted.

The interested party has the right to obtain:

a) the update, correction or, when requested, the integration of data;
b) the cancellation, the anonymous transformation or the block of processed data in violation of the law, including data for which the conservation is not necessary in regards to the objectives for which the data has been gathered or processed;

c) a certification, confirming that the operations listed in letters a) and b) have been brought to the attention to those to which the data has been communicated or distributed, also with regard to their content, with the exception of the case in which such fulfillment turns out to be impossible or requires the use of clearly disproportionate measures if compared to the guaranteed right.

The interested party has the right to oppose him/herself, entirely or partially:

a) for legitimate reasons with regard to the processing of personal data that concern him/her, albeit relevant to the collection;
b) to the processing of personal data that concern him for the purpose of sending advertisement or direct sale materials, or for the fulfillment of market research or commercial communication.


The holder of the data processing is Corsini.Events S.r.l., with headquarters in (50023) Impruneta (FI), in Via Imprunetana per Pozzolatico n. 116.

The company entrusted as Responsible for the data processing is the legal representative of the business, Tommaso Corsini, who can be reached via email at the following address