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The Tuscan Countryside : A Unique Charm For Indian Wedding And Not Only

Florence and the Chianti area Represent the First Destinations Chosen for Those who Want to Get Married in Italy

Couples from all over the world, including many Indian couples, choose Tuscany, Florence, Chianti and the surrounding countryside to organize their wedding. In a universe made up of wedding planners, event agencies, production managers, location managers, how to choose the right people, with the necessary skills to decline the requests coming from different cultures and religions, respecting the established ceremonies?

The data on the Wedding sector are encouraging, as shared by Alberto Peruzzini, director of Toscana Promozione Turistica. As also highlighted by the Destination Florence Convention Bureau with which Toscana Promozione Turistica collaborates, this implies a great responsibility for those who take care of the Wedding sector in Tuscany.

Villa Medicea Matrimonio Toscana

Villa Corsini –  Indian Wedding In Tuscany

Many will remember the Indian wedding that took place in Florence in 2015 and that involved the city centre. Some squares were privatized for the celebration of the celebrations. That was one of the many marriages that wedding couples from the most distant Countries decide to celebrate in Florence.
Of course there are not only weddings of over twenty million euros budget -that was the budget spent- which involved three days of celebrations for the newlyweds and over 500 guests.

Let’s take as an example the wedding of Indian Spouses organized by Corsini.Events Group at Villa Corsini a Mezzomonte. To approach the organization of an Indian wedding requires a great sensitivity to fully understand what the celebration means according to Indian culture. Every element of marriage must underline the couple’s happiness, the good wishes of a happy life for the spouses.

Villa per Eventi Toscana

Villa Corsini –  Indian Wedding In Tuscany

From welcoming the guests to the choice of seats, to the reception’s decor passing through the evening party with the musical selection that respects the couple’s requests … Nothing must be left to chance: a strict control of every possible required permission,  decoration, of every course of the menu, without forgetting the wedding cake. The tastes of the guests, and possible food restrictions must be taken into consideration, to make the day unforgettable: for the spouses and for each participant in the wedding party.

"Everything reminds you that you are there. You realize that you need to be there to have experiences." Nisargadatta Maharaj

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