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Wedding Industry Meeting. Tuscany At The Center Of The Wedding Business

The first B2B meeting of the Market in Tuscany, after the DWP of 2016

Tuscany is land and destination for weddings is now for sure. Both the beauty of the Region, the presence of unique art cities in the world, breathtaking hills, culture, food and wine … etc, are just some of the many reasons that lead the Wedding Industry to be so important in Tuscany.

The presence of professionals in this specific sector is therefore directly proportional to the flow of marriages that the Region attracts, especially the city of Florence. Hundreds of organizers, thousands of suppliers, hotels, villas, castles and farms create a center of specialists unique in Europe. It is therefore no coincidence that Tuscany is one of the most sought after destinations by spouses around the world.

The next 18 of April 2018, at Villa Corsini a Mezzomonte, one of the most representative locations of the Wedding Industry in Tuscany, will be held the first Wedding Industry Meeting dedicated to the development of the Region in the field of Marriage.

At a distance of two years from the Destination wedding Planners Congress held in Florence, a selection of the best sector agencies in Tuscany and a selection of the best suppliers and partners of the Destination Florence Conventions and Visitors Bureau, will meet to analyze the state of the Destination Tuscany in the wider destination wedding market sector. 

Supported by researches from the Tuscan Tourism study center and the local market, this B2B event is highly specialized and will be the basis for future appointments that will see the Tuscan market increasingly united in consolidating  Tuscany among the leaders in Europe for destination wedding and for the local wedding sector. The goal, as well as the will that moves this type of event, is that for every actor involved will be able to recognize the importance of teaming up. Why this need? Because by becoming more and more organized, each company will be able to help every young couple to achieve their wedding in an optimal way!
To thank the partners who have accepted to participate in the organization of this event.


"The Tuscan countryside was built as a work of art by a refined person". Henri Desplanques

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