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One Wedding : Three Days and Three Nights to celebrate it

Wedding Planners & Event Managers United In Coordinating A Three-day Wedding Celebrations In Tuscany

Destination Wedding does not necessarily mean choosing exotic locations for a wedding abroad. The destination wedding also involves couples from all over Italy who decide to get married in Tuscany.
Whether it is a day to celebrate or a three days or a week of celebrations to sculpt unforgettable moments in the memory of every guest, getting married in Tuscany offers endless possibilities.

From the Chianti countryside to the coast of Versilia, passing through the capital of the Italian Renaissance: Florence. The important thing is to know how to select the right partners to entrust the organization of its own marriage: partially or totally according to the needs of each couple.


Destination wedding planning in Italy

Italian Wedding – Fiat 500 in Tuscany

In this wedding, the spouses had a specific request: to highlight three moments on three different days, which would seal their promise of eternal love. Romanticism, tradition with a creative twist without ever giving up a timeless elegance.

The Corsini.Events Team has been able to welcome and develop the wedding ideas of the couple, proposing to them the location of sparkling Fiat 500 for a vintage arrival in the Villa. Three Fiat 500s, perfectly suited to a marriage with a young and at the same time contemporary spirit.

There were moments for a wedding brunch under cotton and linen curtains, to protect guests from any summer heat. Also in the choice of décor, particular attention must be paid to the quality of the design elements that will characterize the environment. For example, in this case it was preferred to avoid a marquees, which could have been equally adapted. However, the Corsini.Events team recommended the use of towels to take advantage of the breeze of the Tuscan countryside: a perfect choice.

Matrimonio Rito Religioso Cattolico Firenze

Religious Wedding – Wedding planning in Florence

There were moments of high emotion, such as that of the wedding ceremony, celebrated according to the Catholic Christian religion. Also on this occasion, the support of professional wedding planners was ideal: the arrangement of the church, the choice of the photographer and the type of flowers did nothing but sublimate the beauty of the couple and the magnificent dress of the bride.


"A good wedding has to be created". Wilferd A. Peterson

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