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Destination Wedding: UAE Expat Couples Choose Italy

Italy, and in particular Tuscany, are among the most coveted Destination Wedding locations for expat couples living in the UAE.
Organise your romantic and unique destination wedding in Italy

Corsini.Events has been featured in 2017’s first edition of Emirates Brides, where it was recommended as a local destination manager company for its outstanding wedding planning and Destination Wedding services in Italy.

Italy is renowned worldwide as the cradle of art and culture, as well as a land of love and passion. It is one of the most beautiful and desired locations for young couples living in the UAE. Italy’s cities, its historical places and its breath-taking natural scenery offer one-of-a-kind environments. Here, modern avant-garde meets the romance of the past, providing unique and fascinating atmospheres.

Seven emirates form the region known as the UAE. Located in the southeast of the Arab peninsula, it is among the richest and fastest-growing countries in the world. Since the ‘60s, its dry and fallow terrains have been transformed and now host glistening architectural wonders. The UAE is among the world’s main melting pots, and hosts a foreigner community nearing 85% of the population — a true paradise for expats from all corners of the globe.

Inevitably, more and more under-35 professionals are attracted by the important professional perspectives offered by this up-and-coming region, full of new and vibrant opportunities.

These demographic characteristics make the UAE’s market so interesting and attractive for the Wedding Tourism industry. Organising Destination Weddings is already a challenge in itself, but it is even more so when dealing with such international and multicultural clients.

The favourite locations in Italy for young UAE couples are the Amalfi Coast, Sardegna, Lake Como, Puglia, and, above all, Tuscany. The Tuscan region, in fact, retains 42% of Italy’s global wedding market in Italy, and Florence stands out with a staggering 19%.

Tuscany’s leadership is mainly due to its outstanding versatility and great variety of services for the organisation of dream Destination Weddings. In fact, Italy, and in particular Tuscany, provide the means to satisfy the needs of such a multi-cultural clientele, like the ones from the UAE. The options are endless when choosing from state-of-the-art services with regard to culture, art, history, food, wine, and tourism.

Choosing Italy as the location for a Destination Wedding means to create an event that is destined to become an unforgettable experience for both the spouses and their guests.

“The sensations are the details that make the story of our lives.” (Oscar Wilde)
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