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Wedding locations: When The Couple Has Chosen The Space But All The Rest Is Missing!

How To Be Organized When You Will Marry In A Private House

Choose in between different wedding locations is always a big topic that a couple of future spouses is having to deal with. Where to get married?  In a restaurant, in a hotel, in a country house, in a city apartment … etc. The possibilities are almost endless!

Firs of all, if you are among those lucky people to  have your wedding location already: congratulations ! But everything else remains to be organized: no panic, there are professionals who will support you in coordinating the big day, preserving the intimacy and structure of your property.

Location per Matrimoni Firenze

Private Wedding – Tuscany

Then, take into account that an intimate marriage, in a villa owned by the spouses, for example, must be able to combine the privacy of the spaces with meticulous attention to respecting the style of the housing structure.
A house, an apartment, a cottage in the countryside of the grandparents, in fact, are not places built and designed to host weddings. It takes time and a great ability in understanding the possibilities offered by each location, to be transformed in the “wedding location” for the big day of a couple.

The professionalism of Corsini.Group Events lies in the ability to make each space the perfect one for your wedding. Even when it will be your private house or apartment. Thanks to precious collaborators, architects, wedding planners, event managers, every detail finds the right place.

For example, the images of this article show the wedding at home, wanted  by an internationally renowned designer, who requested the services of Team Corsini to organize the event, to welcome guests and to delight them with the highest level of attention and care.

Last but not least, a vintage car that could guide the newlyweds towards the destination, a chic and contemporary mise-en-place, a  perfect floral arrangements perceived as simple and natural…These are some of the services occupy the specialists of Corsini.Group Events in the management of wedding locations.


"Happiness in marriage is doing things for each other". Wilferd A. Peterson

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