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White or Red Christmas? Organize Your Wedding In Christmas Period

The Wish List For Couples That Decide To Marry At Christmas: How To Organize Everything For The Best?

Christmas is a magical time : is there perhaps another moment so loaded with love symbols?
More and more couples fall in love with the charm of a winter wedding. They decide to celebrate their special day near Christmas. Maybe it will be for the romantic Christmas atmosphere, made of burning fireplaces, snow-covered, pines and Christmas stars. Or maybe these couples want to live a “Wedding Christmas” between lights, trees and golden stars – maybe a bit for each of these aspects.

Do you really need to have km in km to reach the Mont Blanc Mountain in order to celebrate your wedding during Christmas? Obviously, the answer is no. Whatever the location is, from the Tuscan country to the city of Florence, the magic will be recreated from the layout to the menu, from the table’s mise-en-place to the wedding tableau. All the details will help bring the Christmas atmosphere into marriage.

Matrimonio Natale

Christmas Wedding Decoration

Certainly, like every wedding celebration realized with the help of industry professionals, every element has to be perfect, by avoiding to turn the location into a crib ! What should inspire you ? The first advice for a Christmas wedding is to let it be wrapped in white, green and red colors, but without becoming a Grinch!

And what about the looks? The wedding dress for the bride, if you want to dare, can be red : with discrete accessories in gold or silver nuances. For those who prefer a more reassuring look, white, even optical, never fails. Maybe, to celebrate deeply the Christmas season, gold or silver-plated embroideries or small red velvet flakes can be added.
For the groom, by remembering that mood is given by the Christmas period, the advice is to wear a made-to-measure with the revers of the jacket in red velvet. If the groom wants to dare a little more, he can choose for revers with a golden effects of a damask dress.

Thinking of the bouquet? In winter, and therefore during Christmas time, it may be complicated to have special flowers. Does this mean that there will be a non-theme bouquet? Absolutely not! Just think of an original and contemporary bouquet of red berries, or compositions with Pine branches and white roses.

For the location’s preparation, it has to be closed, decorated by respecting  the theme of a Christmas wedding.  The must-have is a Christmas tree! In case you prefer something else, micro bouquet in centerpiece with pine needles and red and white flowers can be another option.

To end in sweetness, given the choice to get married at Christmas, you can forget the classic wedding cake and prefer a treat of traditional cakes: panettoni, pandori and torroni. Everything has to be strictly handmade: no one will regret any other sweets !

“The real message of Christmas is that we are never alone”. Taylor Caldwell

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