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Persian Wedding in Florence: The Neverending Celebration of Love

La Dolce Vita Toscana Becomes Persian in the Celebration of an Exotic Wedding

A Persian Wedding in Florence: the fame of Corsini.Events Group in organizing ad-hoc weddings for every need has also reached the land of Shahrazād, otherwise known as Scheherazade, the heroine of the collection of short stories One Thousand and One Nights.

Multiculturalism is always a challenge for every event organizer: whether they are weddings or other celebrations. We must be able to understand different cultures with respect to their belonging. Enhance the elements most important to the spouses and know how to wisely combine with those of the location chosen for their event.

Matrimonio Persiano a Firenze - Persian Wedding

Location Persian Wedding – Destination Wedding

For this wedding, the Corsini team has been able to respect the rites of the Persian ceremonies, following the wishes of the spouses and their families.

What are the mistakes to avoid in managing an intimate ceremony for about 100 guests? We certainly do not imagine multicolored clothes, rains of flower petals, henna … these elements are part of an Indian wedding!
In this case, the Corsini team has favored a fusion of the two cultures, enhancing the Persian and revisiting it with Renaissance touches. The frame of Villa Corsini in Mezzomonte has lent itself perfectly to the purpose: with its marvelous gardens overlooking the Tuscan hills.

The menu has respected the requests of the spouses: you can imagine how it was not immediate to find a qualified catering with a deep knowledge of Persian cuisine. Thanks to the suppliers with whom Corsini.Events Group collaborates, this was not an obstacle, but a pleasant variation of the more traditional menus.

destination wedding

Decoration – Persian Wedding

The setting highlighted the elements of Arab culture, combining quality made in Italy with Persian tradition. All this with elegance and refinement: essential elements for Corsini.Events Group.

The spouses and guests have thus taken advantage of an extremely joyful moment to celebrate love, geographically distant from their land, but still close in tradition and taste.

"Prince, your portrait is carved in my heart but my eyes wish to see the original again". From A Thousand and One Nights

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