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What Does It Mean To Organize a Minimal-Chic Wedding?

Few People Can Organize A Minimal-Chic Wedding. Often This Trend Got Confused With The "Classic" one.

No baroque embroidery and decorations. The entry word is  simplicity. You are looking for a wedding dress  but neither the Boho-Chic style or the Country-Chic one is what you want. The ’20s are far from expressing your wedding theme.

You want a simple allure wedding but where every line, every detail, every shape hides a great study in the eyes of the guests. They will live a contemporary, elegant ceremony: simply perfect.
What you are looking for is a Minimal-Chic style wedding.

Minimalism means simplicity. It does not mean giving up romantic details if you want them; they must, however, remain just little details. Small touches that do not distract attention from the purity of the lines.

Whether your spirit is that of the “No-Traditional Bride”, the Minimal-Chic bridal dress is white, sliding on the body, long. The groom suit makes no exception : clean lines, preferably a two-piece, timeless as those proposed by the historical Italian Fashion House Corneliani.

long minimal wedding dress

Minimal Chic Wedding Dress


In this look, signed by Locke Bride, the model wears ballerinas: after Bianca Balti, who worn them for her wedding – we have talked about in this article – the comfort of bridal shoes has become a key element for choosing the right accessories.
If you do not want to show your shoes, our suggestion is to prefer a longer dress, like the one you will find here.

Wedding invitations follow the Minimal theme : it is better if fonts are simple and without graphics that might be a distraction from a clear understanding.
Tuscany boasts many professionals that are able to meet the Minimal-Chic style requirements. For this example, however, we show you the work of an Australian company opting for a compromise between Minimalism and Calligraphy: Paper Fusion.

Minimal chic invitation for wedding

Minimal Chic wedding invitation


While the location will adapt to the needs of the wedding couple, thanks to the work of wedding professionals. No tables with candlesticks and pearls – that’s what you want, better opt for a 1920s Style wedding, no setting with a high visual impact.

Elegance, simplicity and purity can be achieved with lamps of the architect and designer Alessandro Mendini for Dilmos, along with the Dilmos metal accessories.

Alessandro Mendini for Dilmos

Alessandro Mendini for Dilmos


Minimal Chic - Table Setting

Minimal Chic Wedding – Setting


In conclusion, if you are a fan of the minimal-chic style,  we recommend to set you free from the surplus, in order to focus your attention on the chosen items. This will avoid a sense of “deprivation”, in order to enhance the whole sense of the minimal-chic attitude.




“Minimalism is not an architecture of self-denial, deprivation or absence: it is defined not by what is not there, but by the rightness of what is there and by the richness with which this is experienced.” John Pawson

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