"A good Planner will make you fall in love with your event 3 times: when organizing it, while living it, and when you look back at it." (Tommaso Corsini)
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Private Events

Event Legal Documents

Bureaucratic requirements to create your special event

Organising a private event is different from organising a ceremony. However, there are special moments in our lives that deserve a special celebration, such as anniversaries, family reunions, birthdays and many other occasions. We will be happy to assist you in organising your celebratory moment, and guide you in obtaining all the necessary paperwork and documentation.

At Corsini.Events, we offer our experience in event planning to guide you through the different steps of the bureaucratic process: from understanding the potential needs for a travel visa to any other legal documents you may require for your event.

We will directly assist you in obtaining all the necessary licenses, permits, concessions and authorisations to organise your dream event. Based on your needs and demands, every private event requires special attention and care, and we can inform you on all the documentation you may need, from copyright rights for music to royalties for occupying public places or land, or even permits for construction areas or for the passage of exceptional cargo transport, if necessary.

In fact, it may happen that to carry out an event it will be necessary to request particular permits, authorisations or concessions, for which we may need to present specific requests and/or projects. Thanks to our staff, our experience and our professionals, we are able to assist you through the necessary bureaucratic procedures and carry out all these clerical tasks. To ensure that every aspect is taken care of, we may rely on third-party consultancies by trustworthy professionals of the field.

Each and every event has a story of its own and presents unique needs based on your desires. We will be happy to provide you with the correct assistance to find solutions that can satisfy all of your requests.

Every special moment of your life deserves to be celebrated. We can help you to find the best solution to do so!

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