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Wedding Ceremony & Legal Documents

Wedding Ceremony & Legal Documents

What kind of ceremony do you want? What documents will you need?
What kind of ceremony do you want? What documents will you need?
What kind of ceremony do you want? What documents will you need?

At Corsini.Events, we specialise in civil, religious and symbolic wedding ceremonies, following all traditions. We can organise civil or religious wedding ceremonies with legal validity, as well as religious blessings or symbolic wedding ceremonies with no legal value. We will be happy to guide you through all the different stages and bureaucratic steps of the marriage process in Italy.

Civil Weddings

Civil weddings carried out in Italy are legally recognised marriages, and you can choose to get married in either a magnificent town hall of one of Tuscany’s Renaissance art cities or at an outstanding venue licensed by Tuscan authorities, which range from romantic hilltop castles to villas amidst the Tuscan countryside, surrounded by breath-taking backdrops and settings. Just imagine the unique experience of getting married and exchanging your vows immersed in such deep cultural, artistic and historical heritage!

Our portfolio offers countless beautiful wedding ceremony and reception venues to choose from, and we can guide you to make the ideal choice to meet your requirements and expectations for your wedding day. Get married in the grandeur of Florence, or in the charming towns of Siena, Lucca, San Gimignano, Pienza, Pisa, Volterra, or even in the enchanting Tuscan seaside. The possibilities are endless!

Civil wedding ceremonies in Italy are carried out by the local Mayor or Vice-Mayor and, in order to grant the legal validity of the marriage, an interpreter must be present to translate your vows and the ceremony act. The bureaucracy to organise a destination wedding in Tuscany is quite straightforward, and there are no residency requirements to get married in Italy. If you choose to plan your destination wedding in Tuscany, we suggest that you arrive at least a few days ahead of time, so that the town registrar can review all of the necessary documentation and file your request correctly.

We are happy to offer you guidance to ensure that you are aware of all the legal documents and necessary bureaucracy, and will help you book the civil ceremony location, whether you will choose a specific authorized venue or a town hall. By choosing our wedding services, we can also act as your wedding coordinators or planners.

Religious Weddings

Tuscany offers the perfect settings and solutions to celebrate a religious wedding ceremony that has legal value. We can organise all kinds of wedding ceremonies, regardless of your religion: Catholic ceremonies in a church or private chapel in Tuscany, Protestant weddings in an English church, Jewish weddings in a historical Synagogue in Tuscany, as well as Hindu, Muslim, Zoroastrian or any other religious wedding ceremonies.

Religious ceremonies can be carried out in your preferred language, and there are no legal requirements for the presence of an interpreter at the ceremony.

We are happy to offer you guidance to ensure that you are aware of all the necessary legal documents and bureaucracy to get married in Italy, and will help you book your religious ceremony location. Shall you decide to choose our wedding services, we can be present at the marriage ceremony and reception as coordinators or planners.

Religious Blessings

If you are not looking for a ceremony with legal validity, but still wish to celebrate your special day in Tuscany with your loved ones, we can organise your religious blessing ceremony at any of our exclusive venues in Tuscany. A symbolic ceremony is a great solution if you eloped and never shared this joyous moment of your lives with your loved ones, or even if you wish to renew your vows in one of the most romantic places in the world.

There are no particular legal requirements to carry out this kind of ceremony, and it is possible to organise a religious blessing even with short notice. There are no restrictions in regard to specific venues where the celebration must be carried out, hence you can choose the setting that best suits your style and taste.

We can organise a religious blessing at an intimate countryside chapel, at a medieval hilltop castle courtyard or in an outstanding Italian garden of a countryside Renaissance villa; the options are endless! We will be happy to assist you with the booking of the ceremony and reception venues and can also provide an officiant or priest to perform the blessing in your preferred language. Shall you decide to choose our wedding services, we can also act as your wedding coordinators or planners.

Wedding Legal Documents

We also offer consultancy services with regards to the legal documentation necessary for you to get married in Italy. Even if we do not produce the documentation, we can offer you our experience to provide guidance during the various stages of the bureaucratic procedure. From knowing the requirements for the potential need for a travel visa to any other legal documents you may need, we can provide you with our professional advice.

Conversely, we can actively take part in all of the legal steps concerning the documentation necessary to organise your dream wedding at your ceremony and/or reception venue. We can inform you of all of the necessary permits you may need to ask on the basis of your requests and needs, from copyright permits for music to royalties for occupying public places or land, we will guide you through the bureaucratic process and offer the right professional assistance in order to ensure that everything is taken care of for your dream wedding.

Each and every event has its own story and presents specific needs based on your requests. We will be happy to offer you the correct assistance to satisfy all of your demands and desires.

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