"A good Planner will make you fall in love with your event 3 times: when organizing it, while living it, and when you look back at it." (Tommaso Corsini)
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Wedding Design

Wedding Design

Customize your wedding with décor matching your style and taste
Customize your wedding with décor matching your style and taste
Customize your wedding with décor matching your style and taste

To create a common thread among the elements of your wedding event, it is very important that all aspects of the décor of a wedding event are studied, designed and followed by a team of expert professionals. For this very reason, together with our partners, we thoroughly take care of the overall design of the event.  

Flowers and Floral Design

Flower arrangements and floral decorations are an essential part of every wedding. They are a fundamental highlight of both the wedding ceremony and wedding reception. Whether you are planning on getting married in an outstanding Tuscan villa, a boutique hotel or immersed in the rolling hills of the Chianti, our company will provide you with an impeccable and attentive bespoke floral service to meet your exact needs for your wedding day.

At Corsini.Events, we are capable of providing customised floral services, whilst taking into consideration your requests and budget. Whichever wedding style you choose, we will provide stunning floral designs that match the occasion perfectly.

We work with some of the best florists and designers of the region, who will work closely with you in order to understand your vision and give advice in creating the right style for your wedding day. It is important that the flowers you choose for your wedding are coordinated with all the other elements involved, from the wedding dress to the wedding venue and the season of the year.

When choosing wedding flowers and floral decorations, the possibilities are endless. From elegant and refined arrangements to more rustic and chic styles, our team will guide you to make the ideal choice for your big day. Each and every detail will be meticulously studied: from the bride and bridesmaid’s bouquets to the Groom and groomsmen’s buttonholes. Whatever your needs and budget, we are able to create the environment of your dreams for your wedding event by using different floral decorations, including: gazebos, arches, wedding cake flowers and, of course, centerpieces for the wedding dinner.

In order to match the wedding atmosphere, the florists and floral designers we collaborate with will also provide all of the necessary décor associated with the flowers, from vases to candles, in an assortment of shapes, materials and styles.

You will be able to meet and work directly with our entrusted floral designers and florists to perfectly conceptualise the eye-catching and spectacular floral decorations and arrangements that will bring the wow factor to your special day.

Mise en place

The bride’s wedding dress is the most important element of every wedding, but it is also important to dress the tables for your reception dinner!

For such a special moment like your wedding day, it is important to pay great attention to detail, and having the correct mise en place can change the dining experience at your reception for both you and your guests.

Thanks to our many years of experience, at Corsini.Events we are able to conceptualise and arrange any kind of mise en place, in order to satisfy and exceed your expectations. We only use state-of-the-art products, and can match your style by selecting the materials that best suit your taste. From more formal and elegant arrangements to more creative or minimal ones, by combining forms, colours, materials and creativity, we are able to evoke the vibe that you want to set for your wedding day.


How you decide to furnish your wedding is very important. According to your needs and budget, we can arrange all sorts of furnishing combinations in order to create the environment of your dreams.

Our expertise and hands-on approach allow us to help create outstanding atmospheres for your wedding event. We provide you with quality, one-of-a-kind products and cutting edge ideas, in order to give your special day a fresh, functional and top-notch look.

From chairs to tables, from bar counters to cocktail tables, from pillows to upholstered elements, we are able to satisfy each and every one of your needs.

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