FAQ - Corsini.Events
"A good Planner will make you fall in love with your event 3 times: when organizing it, while living it, and when you look back at it." (Tommaso Corsini)
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Is it possible to receive an expense estimate in regard to the services offered by Corsini.Events?

Of course. Please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to look over your needs, identify the most appropriate service for your requirements and formulate our most suitable offer.

Does Corsini.Events also take care of catering, decorations and music?

At Corsini.Events, we take care of each and every aspect related to the organization of the event and we will help you choose all the vendors necessary for it to be realized.

Does Corsini.Events also take care of single services?

At Corsini.Events, we generally prefer to take care of the entire organization of an event, since it is the only way we have to control and manage in full the best outcome for all services involved.

Is it possible to have an expense estimate for my entire event?

It is more complicated to produce an overall and complete expense estimate. In fact, in order to receive customized and tailored offers from all vendors, we must first ask them a forecast based on specific requests. However, we will be happy to assist you in understanding the general cost items for your event.

Does Corsini.Events work exclusively in Tuscany?

No. We operate everywhere and anywhere our clients ask us to. In Italy and abroad. Since our headquarters are based in Tuscany, we can offer a greater added value when working locally within the region’s territory.

Is it possible to work with Corsini.Events even if we are coming from abroad?

Of course! At Corsini.Events, we specialise in Destination Management services. We will be happy to help you and your guests in understanding all that our region has to offer. We have years of experience in organizing events, even at a distance.

What is the process for planning an event?

Every event has its own, separate story. First of all, we must understand what you are looking for. Identify your needs, find the right venues and understand the event’s general logistics. After drafting a preliminary project, together, we will begin to find the right vendors and carry out all of the necessary trials to reach the result that you are looking for. After verifying that all vendors are in line with your requests, we can finally proceed to write an executive project and begin with the realization of the event.

I already have an agency and I would like to organize my event at one of the venues you manage, is this possible?

Of course. All those that wish to realize an outstanding event can use our venues. We are happy to make ourselves available to any agency and/or clients that wish to use our spaces.

We are an agency but we are seeking for a local producer to help us out with the event, can this be arranged?

Professionally speaking, we are a DMC that can support both private clients and agencies. We will be happy to share our knowledge of the local market to allow all agencies to perfectly realize each event.

How do you select the vendors for a specific event?

At Corsini.Events, our vendors are first pre-selected based on the qualitative criteria set by our company. The deep knowledge of the market’s human resources allows us to identify all of the necessary players for each client, in a timely manner. We do not have any sort of exclusive agreements with vendors, and can therefore freely choose our vendors according to the needs of each and every one of our clients.