"A good Planner will make you fall in love with your event 3 times:
when organizing it, while living it, and when you look back at it."
(Tommaso Corsini)
Via Imprunetana per Pozzolatico, 116
50023 Impruneta, Firenze Italia
+39 055 208078
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Events Planning

It's all about details!
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Venue Management

Special venues for very special occasions
About Us

Corsini.Events is a family-owned business, with years of experience in the hospitality and reception field. Our young and talented team specializes in the creation of highly innovative and bespoke events.


At Corsini.Events, our goal is to offer our clients a one-of-a-kind experience to create the perfect event. We offer high quality professional services and will take care of every detail of your special event through our process perfected in time.


At Corsini.Events, our team specializes in five core areas:
Wedding & Event Planning, Venue Management, Event Production, Event Coordination and Location Scouting.
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"It's kind of fun to do the impossible." (Walt Disney)
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