Friday 24 May 2024

Dinner Show - The 3 golden rules to amaze with an event

From marriage to a corporate party…There is only a desire that stands out before others when somebody wants to organize a dinner show for a corporate event or a ceremony: he wants to impress. A successful Dinner Show, or a perfect animation during a lunch, requires an attention to all the five senses involved, a millimeter precision in approaching the selected performers and artists. All this without forgetting the safety: of the guests and the actors involved.

What does dinner show means

Dinner Show, which could rhyme with wonder, is much more than a trio of opera singers who animate the evening – for example Il Volo, the famous opera-pop trio. Even much more than acrobatic performers who defy the laws of gravity and flexibility of their own body – just think of the famous Cirque du Soleil and his athletes, certainly not simple acrobats. And even further, a dinner show can also have projections and video mapping.

Dinner Show is beyond this. Why? Because it is the set of talented artists who come together for a unique and unrepeatable show. Artists that never – or rarely – have collaborated previously, coming from different realities. Corsini.Events Group is the “character”, the Magic Wizard that puts together all of them, with the purpose of realizing the wishes of his customers.

Organizing a dinner show

The first rule for a perfect Dinner Show, is to select among the best performers, those that best suit the type of event. The Corsini team takes care of the Artistic Direction, of the “road map” of the production.

Well, a Dinner Show is similar to a live show –not this one- and from this comes the second rule: you have to know how to coordinate different artists with different needs. Corsini.Events Group is able to coordinate over 80 artists who alternate or, depending on the size of the event, overlap their performances in different areas of the chosen location. The third golden rule is to never forget what the purpose of a Dinner Show is. The Corsini staff is ready to amaze guests.