Monday 15 April 2024

Corporate Real Event: Re-Start Party at Villa Corsini

Last January, during the celebration of the three Florentine Italian Costume Jewellery Workshop (OBI), IAB (Jewellery Accessories Industry), and SCAF (Società Costruzione Accessori Firenze) entry into the investment fund White Bridge Investments, the company management relied on Corsini.Events for planning a memorable event in the setting of Villa Corsini a Mezzomonte.

Exclusive corporate event to celebrate the company

Re-Start Party is the emblematic name chosen for the event. It represents the exaltation of the importance of the three individual companies, but above all, on the occasion of the entry into the group of the three Florentine realities, the celebration of a new beginning!

The evening was designed to accompany guests through the villa halls in a journey between past, present, and future. Inside Villa Corsini, guests were welcomed and invited to embark on a real trip, designed to tune each guest as much as possible on the right frequency of the evening!
The Sala dei Putti, decorated with frescoes of playful children, was chosen as an exceptional backdrop to tell the chrono-story of the three companies, collected in elegant information panels.

Continuing the journey through the evocative Salotti di Meridione, guests were accompanied to another destination of this experiential travel: the bright Salotto Giallo, where an unconventional Photo Booth was planned for the occasion. “Look to the future”, inspired by the iconic Vogue after-party product of the MET Gala 2016, was the futuristic Photo Booth created by the professionalism of Alma 24/7 and Power Rent.

An instant photo printing system “take away” was integrated into the Photo Booth: the photos, printed and inserted in an elegant postcard whose design reproduced the architecture of the Photo Booth itself, were then left to guests as a souvenir of the evening.

Welcome and reception with Corsini.Events style

The Salotto Giallo was the watershed between the welcome and the reception moments, a real celebration of the present, which guided the guests, once again, between Salotto del Gordigiani and Sala della Guardia, towards the majestic frescoed in Galleria Pandolfo Sacchi, the jewel of the Villa.

The speech given by Marco Pinciroli, Founder-Chairman & CEO of White Bridge Investments, impressed all the guests with positive (and proactive) words on the future of the company and marked the opening of the dinner.
With a central buffet, enriched by a light design, the atmosphere has been heated with hundreds of candles, embracing the guests in a moment of great conviviality.

The Fire show to start the party

A wonderful fireworks show illuminated Giardino delle Pizzughe in the night and marked the beginning of the most awaited moment… the party!

Among the guests of the event were many young people, the real future of these companies, who were offered an evening of fun and music of the 90s with contemporary influences, which meant that the dancefloor remained crowded until the last minute.
The DJ, the live performers of drum & sax, and the laser girls accompanied the guests in a fun and dynamic evening to celebrate this important union, which marks a new beginning for the Florentine historical and artisanal tradition of the manufacture of metal accessories for the big brands.