Corporate Events

Corporate events organization

Corsini.Events Group’s goal is to positively represent the identity of the company involved. For each type of corporate event we analyze the requests, identify the focus and reference targets, and create a personalized format specifically tailor-made for the customer, while always keeping track of the sector’s latest trends.

We leave nothing to chance: Corsini.Events will be your partner in creating an experience that focuses on your guests, coupled with the history of your company.

The experience of Corsini.Events

Corsini.Events Group’s familiarity with the world of corporate events allows the customer to be accompanied by a team that will carry out a comprehensively controlled project. The attention to detail is evident from the early stages when creating the initial project, and continues with an accurate and efficient analysis of budget allocation.

We make transparency a working method and contest any kind of waste. The search for quality and efficiency is a distinctive brand: our list of trusted suppliers is in fact carefully selected on the basis of experience and up to date research.

Location scouting

Our knowledge of the market fosters a careful research and, if necessary, allows for the doors of the most exclusive places to be opened to you.

Guest management

Our service starts with managing the relations of your company’s guests, while also optimizing the contact and confirmation phase of each guest.

& Beverage

Our referenced suppliers are able to create any type of service, adapting to the needs of each event.


To represent the corporate image, taking care of an event’s design is essential. We will accompany you through every step of the creative project devised personally for you.

Entertainment & Equipment

We collaborate with musicians and performers of all kinds and create all the necessary technical installations.

& Videos

Every moment will be documented and immortalized by selected professionals to express your event.


We are experts in making an existing space your own, and will customize it especially for you.

Hospitality &Transportation

Through a deep knowledge of hotel and logistical services, we will be able to take care of all aspects regarding the hosting and transport of your guests.

Documents & Permits

We take care of all relations with the relative institutions for the correct and legal implementation of each event.


We will take care to satisfy and anticipate every need of the event and of the guests – attention to every detail is essential.

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