Event Productions

Event production

Giving life to something that does not yet exist is the perfect situation to spark the qualities of CEG. Collecting the most ambitious ideas of each client is a welcome challenge for our team, who will face it with resourcefulness.

Producing an event means going where few have yet dared. Turning ideas into reality is our strength: as seasoned showmen, we are skilled at concealing our methods and creating an incredible spectacle.

The experience of Corsini.Events

Through a robust control over every aspect that makes up the creation of an event, Corsini.Events carries out a capillary project management style. We use a methodology that begins with the technical design of each idea and continues with a careful analysis of costs and feasibility.

The goal is to ensure the best possible outcome of the service through vigilant planning and implementation of each phase, from setting up to the complete conclusion and pristine return of the location.

Location Scouting

Why limit yourself? Corsini.Events Group allows you to reach unexplored places, as well as revolutionizing the most famous ones.

Concept Definition

The initial phase of each project is essential to identify the concept on which the entire production will be based.


Creating means designing: our professionals will take care of every detail to build every type of structure, set-up and decoration necessary.

Security & Permits

The goal is to guarantee your peace of mind: our team takes care of all the elements related to the administrative feasibility as well as the security of every aspect.

Performers & Entertainment

Make way for imagination. We collaborate with the best Italian and international artists to make your shows unique and incredible.

Plants & Structures

Building what is not there (yet!) is a challenge that has always been faced with determination by CEG.

& Beverage

Our referenced suppliers are able to create any type of service, adapting to the needs of each event.

& PR

We will take care of the most appropriate promotion of your event through all the channels available to our team.

Hospitality & Transportation

Through a deep knowledge of hotel and logistical services, we will be able to take care of all aspects regarding the hosting and transport of your guests.

Collateral Services

We will take care to satisfy every need of the event and of the guests. Attention to every detail is essential.

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