Tuesday 25 June 2024

Organize corporate events in Florence: choosing the location

Choosing the location for your corporate event is not a decision to be underestimated. In fact, each different type of corporate event corresponds to an ideal location that lends itself perfectly to its realization.

A location for every type of event

The type of corporate event that you want to organize is a very important discriminant when selecting the possible locations. The needs for a product presentation, a fashion show, a conference, a gala dinner, an award ceremony, an anniversary are clearly different.

Furthermore, it is also necessary to consider the type of audience to which the event is addressed and who is invited to participate. Are they press officers, employees, customers or prospects? Each of them will have different expectations regarding the event and a different perception of the company.

Meeting space in Florence, Italy

First of all, therefore, it is necessary to clarify immediately the type and target of the event. Based on these data it will be easier to find the most suitable location. Let’s not forget that the location where the event will take place is a real business card for the company, especially if customers or prospects participate.

In Florence and its surroundings, there are many locations for corporate events. Some of these, being equipped with multiple spaces, lend themselves to host multiple types of events.

Corporate events at Villa Corsini in Mezzomonte

Villa Corsini in Mezzomonte is a multipurpose event location. In its environments it is possible to organize conferences, B2B events, gala dinners, meetings.

The variety of rooms available allows you to divide the event into several moments and dedicate a specific space to each of these. A typical example could follow this program: welcome drink in the garden, conference in the halls and gala dinner in the frescoed gallery.

Exhibitions and shows at Giardino Corsini

There are not many outdoor meeting spaces in Florence. However, the Corsini Gardens are the exception. This private location is available exclusively for Corsini.Events Group customers for very special occasions.

The garden can be the perfect backdrop for fashion shows, events such as exhibitions and shows or much more. In fact, there are numerous rooms available, including the internal spaces of the historic lemon house.

Corsini.Events: corporate events production

Corsini.Events deals with the organization and production of events throughout Tuscany and Italy. Our location portfolio includes numerous solutions across the country, we will study with you the best one based on your needs. Each event we take part in is unique and tailor-made.

As an event production agency, we provide all our know-how to offer our customers much more than just the planning service. Starting from your ideas, we create a personalized event that fully reflects your wishes.