Tuesday 25 June 2024

Event Production Manager: the quality of who realizes the ideas for an event

How does a good Production Manager stand out? Beyond the ideas for marriage, for a corporate event, it takes competence first of all! Is a wedding planner also an event production manager?The answer is not immediate: it depends on the type of wedding planner, whether he/she is part of a Group or a structured Company, with proven business and private events successfully completed. Generally speaking, they are two different and complementary figures.

The event production manager is a professional able to manage every phase of a corporate event, gala dinners, meetings: from planning to its full development in a way. Its task is to succeed in transmitting the concept and image desired by the Company, Society … etc.
The event producer must have a wide ability to study the logistical and technical aspects.

All this does not exclude that an excellent event-producer can be a performing wedding planner and vice versa. To understand better all the aspects that make up this trade is the perfect opportunity to talk with Lorenzo Corsini, Co-founder of Corsini.Events Group, graduated in Architecture and event production manager by profession.

Interview to Lorenzo Corsini

Q: Lorenzo, what is the characteristic that must distinguish an excellent event production manager, beyond the logistic capabilities?

A: I would say there are two: the professionalism of the production manager and his constant presence – for us at Corsini.Events it is really like this – on site at all times, at every set-up to avoid bad surprises or last-minute problem.

Q: In the notion of Production Manager, the word Production is likely to be very generic. Can you explain what it means effectively and effectively?

A: Production is said to convey the message that it is not just an idea, but it means to have the hands on each gear. Production because the materials necessary for the idea are actually produced: from stages to marquees and interior design tailored to each individual project.

Q: The Event Production Manager almost seems like a Director of the Cinema set-ups. Is that so?

A: Of course, it depends on the requests, but it often happened to me to elaborate scenes that guided the installation. For example, developing objects and materials that do not exist: like when I was asked to design an oversized sofa: let’s say a giant size, to fill and set up a particular space. 

A: Together with my team, I had to imagine the sofa, the dimensions, materials, proportions with the surrounding space, without forgetting the safety! Certainly, it could have been perfect for a music video or to recall a work by the Spanish artist Rómulo Celdran.

Q: So an Event producer is a bit like a lamp genius: can you create something that did not exist until just before or until the customer’s requests?

A: I would say that the intervention of the event producer, whether it can be for a corporate event, a product presentation, a gala dinner … etc. is necessary when the request made does not exist on the market and it is custom made. In this sense, we can be the genes of the lamp: we transform a space, a location for events into something unique and ephemeral. The duration of a single event.