Friday 24 May 2024

Federica Ambrosini: "Floral Design is based upon creativity"

We interviewed renowned and established floral designer Federica Ambrosini to know her secrets to success in this field.

Young, competent and creative, Federica Ambrosini has established herself on an international level in the field of floral design thanks to her fresh yet refined style. A profession closely interconnected to her youth, when Federica spent her time drawing, cutting and composing her first creations. This artistic side led her to pursue a degree in Architecture and move her first steps in the industry as an event planner, to then discover her true vocation: floral design.

A surprise turn of events, which allowed her to perfect her knowledge of this fascinating world and establish herself through the creation of stunning compositions. A passion that Federica Ambrosini, through the organization of her highly popular Masterclasses, has decided to pass on to whom, like her, wishes to learn the necessary skills to work in the floral design world.

Floral design: the expert

Q: Hi Federica! You just carried out your 8° Masterclass, which took place at Cipriani in Venice: another success, as usual. Is there someone in particular whom you wish to thank? And, if so, why?
A: First of all, I would like to thank all those people who believed in me and have decided to invest their time and money to participate in my training course. I would also like to thank all of my loyal suppliers, my collaborators, and the Belmond Cipriani Hotel in Venice, which has fallen in love with the project since the very beginning and has made its stunning granaries available for the occasion. Last, but not least, I want to thank my mother, Paola Fantozzi, who has followed the entire production of a complicated event in an exemplary manner.

Q: Regardless of your years of experience in the field of floral design, your Masterclasses keep being “sold out”: how can you explain this? Do you have a particular secret?
A: I love my job. However, more than just a job, I would call it my passion. To be able to share my passion with others gives me indescribable joy. I believe this to be my true “secret.”

Q: What do you think a bride must know before she fixes her first meeting with a floral designer?
A: The venue of the wedding must be set. Without the venue, it is impossible to make any sort of setup plans. Each and every setup has to be studied for a specific context. It is important for us floral designers to have at least this basic piece of information before any meeting is set. All the rest, only once the tastes and wishes of the couple have been heard, originates from a creative process and exchange of visions.

Q: What is your approach to developing a floral design project? Do you have specific guidelines you follow? Or is there a particular starting point, on which the rest of the organization is based?
A: I do not have any specific guidelines. Usually, I start from an idea, which tends to be a personal suggestion, and I then move onto developing everything else from there. However: suggesting an idea does not mean to propose a theme. In fact, in my projects, it is rare to be able to identify a theme. Everything is designed and studied according to the style, the colors and the flowers that are in season.

Technic or creativity?

Q: In your line of work, is it more important to be very technical or highly creative?
A: Highly creative. It is my first and utmost rule. I stress this point a lot throughout my courses. The technique is necessary and must be studied, but in the creation of a floral composition, it is important to let our heart, love and taste lead us. Too much technique will make compositions seem cold and soulless.

Q: What advice would you give to a bride that has to choose the color palette for her wedding?
A: There are some dedicated websites where it is possible to view all the different color schemes. Normally, I prefer strong combinations, whereas for churches I favor green and white tones. However, as I’ve mentioned earlier, everything depends on the location.

Social media as mood board of your wedding

Q: You have a very strong and well-developed social media presence: how useful do you believe social media can be to a couple during the creation of the mood boards for their wedding?
A: Nowadays, 90% of brides present themselves to their first appointment with a Pinterest board or even Instagram screenshots – luckily, oftentimes with my work on them! Instagram has become the strongest advertisement tool available. Managing my profile has become like a second job, but it is really fundamental to my activities.

Q: And what about your wedding? Do you ever think about it? And how do you imagine it to be?
A: I could sit here and imagine thousands of things… but then again, each day I think of new and different things. It would be limiting to speak of it now. When, and if, it will be, then I will think about it. I could say that, for me, every Masterclass is like a wedding.

Q: Do you believe a regal wedding is still the dream of every woman?
A: As for the dress, absolutely yes!

Q: How do you envision yourself in five years? And what about in ten?
A: I hope to still be able to do what I love, with passion, without increasing the number of events, but improving their quality. Who knows, maybe in ten years I could be married and with child; this way I will be able to tell you all about my wedding!

We thank Federica Ambrosini for her kindness and availability!