Friday 24 May 2024

Planning weddings in Florence: interview with Alessia, wedding planner of Corsini Events

Alessia Degioannis has been part of Corsini Events Group since its origins. Over time, she has developed a broad knowledge of the sector and a solid professional ethics. Creative, passionate and eternal romantic, she tells us about her experience as a wedding planner in Florence.

Destination wedding in Florence

Q: Wedding planner in Florence: how did you choose this job?
A: Maybe it was this job that chose me! My continuous and lasting inclination towards precision, creativity and beauty are factors that have certainly played a fundamental role in the growth of my professional figure within this young company, albeit with enormous experience.

Then, what can I say, I am an eternal romantic. I believe that even this constant desire to live by surprise and amazement, of feelings and dreams, is a very powerful engine: added to the methodical work behind the scenes, it creates a winning recipe.

Q: What is your experience as a destination wedding planner in Florence for couples from all over the world?
A: Definitely positive. I’ve always been curious about any other culture:┬áthis job has allowed me to work closely with people from all over the world.

Since the first year in Corsini.Events, I have had the fortune to meet foreign and Italian couples, both from Florence and from other regions. The requests are always very different from each other, and this continuous mix of clients makes us travel a bit too!

Getting married in Florence: the challenges

Q: What are the main challenges that a wedding planner must be able to face? What are the challenges of organizing a wedding in Florence?
A: The most motivating challenge to face is to make all the dreams of the couples who rely on us explode into reality! Interpreting, understanding, and subsequently transforming our clients requests into the wedding event is certainly something that can be defined as a challenge: thanks to the range of vendors with whom we have established a relationship of mutual respect and trust, every challenge evolves into exciting new projects! In conclusion, the toughest challenge for a wedding planner? Reassure the bride before leaving home to go to church… but usually with a glass of prosecco we can solve this too!

Q: Florence is a very popular wedding destination, but how would you propose it to an couple still uncertain about the destination of their wedding?

A: Florence, thanks above all to the beauty that distinguishes it, thanks to the fact of being a city “on a human scale”, as well as having many places of interest which in terms of attractiveness for clients/guests, offers countless solutions, it is also incredibly simple logistically, also regarding to the organization of transport for guests to the countryside surrounding the city.

The advice of Alessia for the couples

Q: Three tips that you would instead give as a wedding planner to couples determined to get married in Florence?
A: First, in the case of Destination Wedding, to rely on some of our advice regarding the period in which to get married, since at the accommodation level, choosing the week of Pitti, or the Biennial of the Art, can cause some difficulties! The second thing I would like to recommend to couples who have already experienced the charm of Florence, so much to choose it as their wedding destination, is to collect as many images as possible to allow us to help them… we will take care to find out the secrets of the city!

Finally, I recommend relaxing and enjoying the Florentine experience with good food and excellent wine, because Corsini will take care of the rest!

Q: Organizing weddings in Florence is Corsini Events.Group’s specialty, what is the ideal schedule to follow to plan a wedding?
A: The schedule for organizing a wedding in Florence undergoes considerable variations depending on the client and the very first choices that are made (church, location, hotels, welcome cocktail/farewell brunch …).

As for our work philosophy, for which each couple needs a tailor-made suit, the methodology of research and understanding of the project, so as to be able to achieve it in the desired way and with vendors that respect all the indicated parameters, is linked to the planning times.

Q: How are you dealing with the Covid-19 emergency?
A: We are certainly lucky because we live in an era in which, supported by technology, it is possible to always stay in touch with each other, and in addition our work can be carried out, albeit not with all the comforts we are accustomed at in the office. We are in constant contact with all our vendors and our clients, whose weddings and events we are mainly managing to reprotect by moving them between August and December 2020.

What can I say, this elongated season will give us wonderful shots, a little unusual, but certainly characterized by the warm colors of autumn, and by the magical atmospheres of winter!