Tuesday 25 June 2024

Vincenzo Dascanio: "A floral designer must be both original and innovative"

Vincenzo Dascanio told us about his 20 years in the event’s business and revealed the crucial elements necessary to become a successful floral designer. Vincenzo D’Ascanio is among the most renowned floral and event designers in Italy and one of the highest-rated in Europe.  Ever since his first footsteps 20 years ago, Vincenzo Dascanio established an innovative and enthusiastic style, capable of affirming elegance and refinement.  Attention to detail and the creation of cutting-edge solutions allow him to bend the nature of plants to his will, showcasing a complete dominance of the ancient ars topiaria.

Floral arrangement by Vincenzo d'Ascanio

Each of his set-ups transforms into an unforgettable experience for those who live it.  On March 8th, 2017 Vincenzo Dascanio celebrated 20 years on the event’s scene at the Four Seasons Hotel in Milan with a splendid night as a culmination of a great Master Class.
Q: Dear Vincenzo, how do you feel after twenty years completely immersed in events and flowers?
A: This year I celebrate my twenty years of career, and this, for me, is an exciting result.  If I look back, I see a very intense and at times demanding journey, of which, however, I loved every single instant. Each positive or negative experience has helped me arrive to where I am today.  The final outcome is definitely positive.

Q: Ever since the very beginning of your career, you have always been able to establish a highly innovative style. Can you tell us how you did this?
A: This aspect is not easy to explain. My style is very personal and originates from within and is in continuous evolution.  The most sensitive and complex aspect tied to the concept of innovation is to explain to my clients something that cannot be shown because it has never been done before.  Our projects are all custom, therefore, even if they are all accompanied by visuals, there is a paramount trust element [by the client] in play as well.  The key is to be able to communicate rather than to think of the outcome of the centerpieces, the sensations and the atmosphere that the people involved will feel.  If we think about it, the very concept of evolution is destabilizing.  It requires quite a considerable stretch of the imagination.

Q: What does it mean today to be a Flower/Event designer?
A: Today, the concept of being a flower designer has evolved.  Albeit flowers being a persistent element in my life up to today, in recent years they have been supported by new materials. Original suggestions, which have not replaced flowers, but rather contributed to enhance them within a wider picture.  The design of an event is the result of many aspects, all tied together, and a good designer must know how to balance every detail to obtain an excellent result.

Q: What advice would you give to a young Flower/Event designer in order to grow in this field?
A: As I also told the students of my course, which I held in the beginning of March, the only secret, even if it may sound cliché, is to be yourself, to find your personal style and to work onwards starting from this.  Copycats do not last long.  They can be useful to improve technique, but it is fundamental to work starting from a personal style and to believe in it.

Q: Do you feel more like an artisan or an entrepreneur?  Why?
A: I would have to say a bit of both.  In this field, you must know and study the market in order to tackle it with the right tools. However, I would never be able to give up working with my hands; it is what I love to do most, and what I know to do best.

Q: When you begin to think of a new project, do you start off from a few basic points?
A: The reference point is always the client.  You must fist listen to and understand the client, and then lead him/her.  This is a crucial aspect of my work.  Everything else starts from here.

Q: Trend Setters from both the Italian and global scene came to Milan to celebrate your 20 years of career. How does this make you feel?
A: It was a very emotional night that I wanted to share with those who believe and have believed in me; quality professionals who, in time, have also become friends.

Q: Conscious of the fact that your jobs is very demanding, both on a physical and a mental level, what keeps you motivated to go on?
A: When you do what you love, even during more demanding moments, you tend to be less affected by fatigue.  When you see the outcome at the end of an event, this repays me of every sacrifice I have done.

Q: How is your relationship with Event Producers and Wedding Planners?
A: It really depends on how the different roles balance themselves out.  Oftentimes, I find myself working with International Event Producers who lean on us for events in Italy.  At times, a great collaborative relationship is established.  Not necessarily will there be competition, rather everyone contributes with their own vision and creativity, and the result is usually outstanding. In terms of Wedding Planners, there are some excellent ones out there that play a fundamental coordination role, especially with regards to big events.

Q: Is there someone in particular that you wish to thank for your success and your achievements?
A: As I mentioned earlier, the people that have believed in me and that continue to do so. These include my clients, who keep me engaged and entrust me to celebrate their best moments.

We thank Vincenzo Dascanio for his availability and kindness.