Monday 15 April 2024

Wedding list: which wedding gift to choose? Bianca Guscelli answers with her passion for silver

Interview with Bianca Guscelli of Brandimarte, a brand founded in 1955 and specialized in the creation of unique silverware: silverware goes beyond traditional frames and becomes an object of art and design.

Nowadays the wedding list is presented in different forms: from the spouses who share a do-it-yourself online link to boutiques that host the couple’s selection in their physical store but also in their e-commerce. Not to mention the travel agencies that propose to contribute to the dream destination of the wedding couple.

Certainly it is not always easy to know or choose the right gift for guests who wish to leave something eternal to the couple, as a wish for a life devoted to being together until the end. Because let’s say the truth: the wedding list can be constrictive for certain. This is the reason why, we asked to Bianca Guscelli, from Brandimarte few insights from her perspective. For those unfamiliar with the brand, Brandimarte has been founded in 1955 and it is specialized in creating unique silverware manufactures.

Q: Dear Bianca, since you produce your silverware in order and commission, I can say that your work is a highly crafted and luxurious product. But not everyone knows it: the idea is that you talk to an elite. So, who is the typical customer of Brandimarte?

A: The Brandimarte’s customer knows the value of the craft and feels represented when it gives our silver. He loves beauty: in furnishing, in giving homage to his friends but above all loves himself. What our client loves the most is giving himself a true value every day, through the “art de la table” and drinking wine in a silver chalice.

Q: It goes well beyond the “silver frame” of the wedding list of the past, which has become a fear of the wedding couple.

A: Of course. Brandimarte offers furniture designed and customized for our customers: both modern and classic. Ceselli for the classic, hammered reserved for those who love simplicity, without giving up design.

Q: In the past the use of silver was partly more common, today it can be seen as a luxury. What is certain is that the use of silver in everyday life improves the quality of life, because we are talking about a material that is not only aesthetically valuable, but antibacterial, antibiotic, and aroma enhancer within drinks. What do you think about the less exploited properties of silver?

A: In the past there was not the habit of using it in glasses because silver has always been used on special occasions. Today more and more couples of young people are health conscious and do not renounce the beauty of this noble metal in its daily use. As Brandimarte we continue to perpetuate this message, proposing silverware for everyone.

D: We are in Tuscany, a land of excellent wines: why choosing silver for wine glasses and decanter?

A: The sommeliers have always tasted the essence of the wine through the taste-wine, so Brandimarte is doing nothing but continuing on a path already traced. Thus completing the tasting and setting the table with glasses until you get to the decanter with innovative design, just think of our Decanter Round and the Decanter Duck.

D: Speaking of Wines, the connection to the art of the table is immediate: how can silver make precious and sublimate special tables?

A: The Renaissance teaches us everything. The Brandimarte silver makes the table particularly elegant. Brandimarte means not only silver but also creativity and imagination. In fact we create silver with an unmistakable design both for wedding lists but also on private commission: I think of the small ball glass used by sailors to support the movement of the sea, remaining stable on the table.

The concept store Brandimarte

Q: We know that you have opened a 60 sqm concept store in Florence, in Via del Trebbio. It is not just a single-brand store, but a Concept Store: why? What emotions do you want to inspire in the visitor and in the consumer?

A: Our brand is known by our customers but not only. Brandimarte wishes to be perceived as more innovative with silver for everyday use: this Concept store is an opportunity. Silver must be “taught” to young people who know how to choose but who have never “experienced” this noble metal. In fact, within this sales space, there will also be an emotional journey.

Q: Have you ever been challenged by married couples for their wedding list or gift for special occasions?

A: Times have changed and the wedding present often consists of money needed for the honeymoon. But I must admit that more and more couples are interested in the world Brandimarte and we are happy to “teach” that a piece of Florence, crafts, tradition, Brandimarte silver leaves an indelible mark in the homes and memories of the spouses as well as anyone who receives one of our silver.

Q: To end this interview, can you tell us if there are any trends in the world of silverware?

A: The company changes and Brandimarte have been able to innovate and renew itself without ever forgetting its indelible origins. We want and we continue to pass on the traditions that speak of Florence, of Made in Italy and Italian excellence: this is why Brandimarte is appreciated all over the world.