Friday 24 May 2024

Wedding Planner: the secrets from those who organize weddings and VIP events

The wedding planner is a very talked figure. Either you love this figure or you might hate the whole category.  There seems to be no middle way. Opponents of this role include the difficulty in trusting an external person in preparing their own marriage. The supporters, on the contrary, recognize in the professional figure of the wedding planner a “saving angel” that avoids couples all the organizational and logistic-forecast aspects related to the event.

Q: What is the right approach to understand if we need a wedding planner or event agency?
A: Inviting, hosting, serving: these are the verbs I want to convey to my partners, collaborators and customers.

These are the first words of Tommaso Corsini, among the heirs of the almost millennial Corsini Family, and founder together with his brother Lorenzo of the Corsini Events, a company specialized in the realization of private, corporate and social events.

Q: So you are saying that a good wedding planner is able to serve and promote the hospitality of the couple, in the case of a wedding, to all the guests?

A: Exactly, what makes a reception unique and complete is a wedding planner or a production direction that coordinates every aspect of the event. The final aim is the perfect realization of the reception for the bride and groom and for each guest. The same word “guest” means offering welcome hospitality.

Q: Why should I choose a wedding planner or an event production for my company event, if I can organize myself independently, and do not depend on anyone?

A: Of course, for those who have the time and the necessary skills, a wedding planner can be superfluous, but I wonder if even those who are event manager, for example, do they really think that a production direction is not necessary? A wedding planner is also able to foresee any anomalies that may arise and he or she will be always ready with a solution.

Q: We know that with the company led by you and your brother, you worked on several VIP weddings including Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. By knowing your discretion, what can you tell us?
A: As you will understand, I care a lot about the privacy of our customers: whether they are international stars known to the public or private citizens. My task, like the one of Corsini Events staff, is to preserve a private moment, living the situation as normal even when this it is exceptional: there may be leaks of information, but a competent wedding planner or an event production manager is able to curb these situations too. Take for instance the example of the mentioned marriage of Mr. Amon’s son: even if the news were leaked, no photo, no private element of the life of the young couple has been revealed, even if it was a big event over several days who took place in Florence.

In conclusion, it is evident that true professionals of marriage and events manager, in general, are fundamental elements for the optimal management of each celebration. From the corporate event to the private event, being able to count on figures such as Tommaso and Lorenzo Corsini is a guarantee of quality, privacy and hospitality.