Monday 15 April 2024

Jewels & Wedding Rings: interview to the jewelry designer Olga Corsini

What are the differences between a made-to-measure and a jewelry collection? Wedding rings over fashion: a symbol of eternal love.

Who says marriage thinking of a couple, almost immediately connects the image of the wedding rings: the symbol of the promise of eternal love in a couple. The story tells why couples of lovers get engaged first and then marry, exchanging rings .

Of course, there are not only wedding rings to celebrate eternal love. We meet Olga Corsini , a jewelry designer who has been interpreting and renewing high jewelry creations for over 15 years, to immerse ourselves in a world made of precious stones and promises of love.

Prêt-à-porter jewelry of Olga Corsini

Q: Dear Olga, you create jewelry that you call “prêt-à-porter”, but since we were children we feel like a jewel is forever. How is a jewel ready-to-wear?

A: Prêt-à-porter in French means “ready to be worn”. In the fashion system, it distinguishes a product already packaged, different from the one made to measure. So I took this terminology to make it clear that these collections are ready and available, to be differentiated from the jewels that I create made to measure. In fact, I have started my journey creating custom jewelry.

Q: So if a jewel created by you is either ready to be worn, or “sur mesure”, that is tailor-made, what can be answered on the right balance between the seasonality of the collections and their timelessness

A: I would say that it is more correct to speak of contemporaneity. In fact, a jewel has no real seasons, and as you rightly say “a jewel is forever”. Its durability is ensured by the quality of the materials: gold and precious stones are noble materials that do not change with time or lose value. As for the style of my collections, I prefer balanced forms and great refinement. Two characteristics that allow my creations to persist in the swirl of fashion.

Custom jewelry

Q: What kind of clientele is calling for a tailor-made jewel?

A: The customer who wants a tailor-made creation is generally a person who already has a certain culture of the world of jewelry and art. Often this desire is connected to a special occasion: marriage, the birth of a child, the transformation of a family jewel. The client of this type knows what he likes and he is able to express it: in general, he is often a romantic and creative person, who prefers to express himself through a unique creation, to enclose his personality and his personal history.

Q: How was born this idea to combine spices and jewels – for example, the collection called “pepper“? Although the spices have been used as the currency of exchange of great value since ancient times, this aspect intrigues me. 

A: Spices are among the richest and oldest ingredients in the world. Since the Middle Ages, they were imported from the Orient along with other precious materials such as silk, gems and gold, along with the famous route of the Spices. This ancient link with the preciousness and their intercultural aspect is very interesting and it is perfectly associated with the values of a jewel. From a more contemporary point of view then, spices are linked to the female world: perfumes, fine-food, flavors, personalities … These elements allow me to portray different types of women, because one Donna Vaniglia is certainly not comparable to a Donna Pepe, don’t you think?

Q: So the inspiration comes from Nature, from Fashion? 
I would say from Nature, Fashion as well as travel and art.

Q: What are the feelings that come together in the creation of wedding rings, a kind of jewels that represent an eternal promise? 
Wedding rings are the symbol par excellence of marriage between two people. In itself, it is a jewel that can be simple (a thread in yellow gold) or more worked (a ring fanned by diamonds, a braid, a band) but certainly, it is the most charged with emotions. Even the smallest detail requires great attention and care.

Design wedding rings

Q: Are there any trends in the jewelry world?
There are certainly trends but I honestly do not follow them. I want to create a jewel that can be distinguished by originality, refinement and a form of classicism that ensures its eternity.

Q: If trends are not fundamental, what do you think are the essential elements that characterize a quality jewel? 
The stylist research, which can not be separated from the study of the proportions of each element that makes up the jewel. Its practicality also, if there is huge attention paid to details such as the clasp, the chain, the engraving…etc. Finally, its realization, which must be entrusted to expert craftsmen who ensure perfect and invisible finishes.

A dialogue on jewelry, an interview with a cutting-edge designer, capable of making every precious moment unique, it is appropriate to say, for a couple or a loved one. Wedding rings, engagement rings, necklaces and earrings … Every celebration can be accompanied not only by an unforgettable memory, but also by a jewel created with heart and professionalism.