Tuesday 25 June 2024

About DreamSeriously

DreamSeriously is the web magazine di Corsini.Events Group dedicated to those looking for inspiration to organize a dream wedding or a special event.

In our magazinewe offer innovative and professional solutions for weddings, private and corporate events: some useful inspirations for planning every detail. We care about every traditional element and fashion trend to offer our readers inspirational ideas and creative approaches from the top event specialists.

DreamSeriously allow you to know the ideas and the news of opinion leader and professionals of every sector of the wedding industry. With original and curious interviews, they will share their experience about the wedding and event world.

What does DreamSeriously  mean

Don’t let your dreams just be dreams.

Every project, invention, idea that has contributed to the creation of something new and useful was born out of minds who had the courage to dream about something that was not there before. The qualities necessary to realize a project are not many, but they are fundamental: a spirit of observation, to study the surrounding reality and notice what’s lacking; vision and creativity, to fill that lack with a new idea; concreteness, initiative and organization, because if it is true that dreaming is important, one must know how to dream seriously.

Every proposal, whether provided by the client or elaborated together with his collaboration, must be studied from every angle to find the best way to put it into practice: nothing is impossible, if you work in the right way. We at Corsini.Events Group offer our knowledge to turn your dreams into reality.

Every client wants their event to be perfect: a demanding request, but achievable if you aim high, to excellence, always trying to aim at the dreams you want to realize.

To realize a dream, however, you need to seat at a table and plan it, then go out and start working to shape it. This is the task that Corsini.Events Group aim to carry out, accompanying and supporting clients in every choice, mastering the tools of the event world with expertise and experience.

The art of hosting, of managing receptions and banquets with elegance and class so that every guest feels perfectly at ease, to move with discretion the complex threads that are behind a perfectly successful event: DreamSeriously means all this and also of more. It means exploiting the skills accumulated over the years to achieve the best result by optimizing times.

It means using those skills to create ever-changing dreams, interpreting every news, and even every obstacle, as a challenge. It means to always challenge yourself with new ideas, evolving and growing over time, to aim higher and higher.

We are convinced that talent, competence, professionalism, will and rigor are the characteristics that make our company a reality able to dream and realize that dream seriously. Our philosophy is contained in two simple words: Dream Seriously.