Monday 15 April 2024

LVT: Tuscany as you have never seen it before

Leading Venues of Tuscany is a services dedicated to recreate and replicate the historic Tuscan art of reception in a more contemporary form. Tuscany is awash with idyllic charm. It is impossible not to fall in love with Tuscany: from the fine architecture of its art cities to its stunning natural landscapes, everything in this region is fascinating and inviting in equal measure. Tuscany is a land rich of attractions and magical places, which are well worth to be visited at least once in a lifetime.

Garfagnana, the Etruscan Coast, Maremma, Chianti, Val d’Orcia, Casentino, Valtiberina, Valdarno or Lunigiana; each area of Tuscany is captivating in its own way. Here, it is possible to get lost in the outstanding panoramas of this land, where cypress trees line winding roads that ascend velvety rolling hills and lead to sumptuous hilltop castles and romantic hamlets, surrounded by medieval walls.

Venues are the driving force behind the events market. In fact, some may argue that the venue is perhaps even more important than the content of the event itself. Choosing the ideal venue for the context of an event does not just enhance the event as a whole; it sets the tone for the entire event, contributes to the overall success, and leaves attendees satisfied with an outstanding experience. It is hardly an overstatement to say that it is the venue that determines the event’s success.

Tuscany has an inherent tradition tied to hospitality that dates back all the way to the Renaissance when noble families opened the doors of their magnificent venues to host exceptional events. In this respect, five leading Tuscan venuesVilla Corsini a Mezzomonte, Villa di Maiano, Giardini Corsini, Villa le Mozzete and Villa Le Corti – have created Leading Venues of Tuscany (LVT), a network designed to emphasise and showcase this ancient heritage.

LVT’s goal is to recreate and replicate this form of art in our time, by bringing back to life features of culture, elegance and tradition, understanding the client’s desires and requests, mixing tradition with innovation, and guaranteeing a service with an international quality standard.

Ranging from Renaissance villas to elegant Italian gardens in the city centre, LVT’s venues enhance the unique tradition of hospitality of the past transforms it into contemporary elements delivering unforgettable experiences. LVT wishes to strengthen the artistic and cultural heritage of Tuscany, and promote it in the event’s world.

LVT carries out a series of activities tied to its overarching mission. For example, it manages sectorial promotion activities to help raise awareness of the top players in the hospitality and receptions field. Moreover, in order to ensure a high professional standard in the market, LVT carries out in-house training for its members.

Thanks to its extended network and expertise, LVT is able to grant special access to private and unique venues that would normally be closed to the public. LVT intends to act as a master key to open the doors of the most exclusive and unique places that Tuscany has to offer.

Through its members, LVT offers its clients the exclusive opportunity to live unforgettable moments in prestigious venues and discover Tuscany like they have never been able to before.