Friday 24 May 2024
Event Production

Dinner show at #eStateinVilla: entertainment nights with artists and performers

To amaze, engage and amuse all the guests of Villa Corsini, this is the purpose of the dinner shows at #eStateinVilla. With musical entertainment and live artistic performances, the event continues to intrigue and conquer the public!

Dinner show at Villa Corsini a Mezzomonte

When organizing an event like #eStateinVilla, creating the right atmosphere is the key to success. As an event production agency, we know that in these cases, entertainment plays a strategic role. This is why, in the beautiful setting of Villa Corsini a Mezzomonte, we have planned many different occasions with always new suggestions thanks to a program of events that is updated week by week.

Particular attention has been paid to entertainment with dinner shows, live music and many artists to add that touch of magic that makes the event a truly unique experience. Designing an environment that is relaxing, but also fun and engaging is a challenge that we aim to win in every event!

Dinner show in the #eStateinVilla program

Above all, #eStateinVilla is: a fascinating experience, a journey through flavors and local art where everyone find its own space, adults and children. In a context like this, the format of the dinner show is perfect!

Much more than a simple live entertainment, dinner show means a set of artists, dancers, entertainers who stage their talent by performing in the most varied shows. Everything takes place live, without the possibility of replication, in front of the public and among the tables.

The entertainment of Circo Nero at #eStateinVilla

In the evening dedicated to them, the artists of the Circo Nero Classic fascinated and thrilled the audience of #eStateinVilla. For the occasion, jugglers and equilibrists arrived at the villa and performed into fire, contortionism and singing shows. Their stage, the main lawn of the villa, has been for the occasion the subject of an important lighting design with lights and shadows that enhanced the artists’ performance.

The coordination of our team ensured that each performance went smoothly according to the schedule. Many more surprises are planned for the next evenings of #eStateinVilla!