Tuesday 25 June 2024

French Touch Made in Italy: a French wedding with a Tuscan flavour

If Paris is known as a city of love, what to say of Tuscany, queen above Italian regions as wedding destination?

A French wedding in Florence

What are the ingredients for a French wedding in Italy?¬†Take a couple of young lovers born in France, add a love for Italy and you will have the perfect union of a French wedding celebrated in Italy. If then the love of the couple is accompanied by their passion for Tuscany and in particular Florence … voil√† les jeux sont faits!

Corsini.Events Group was the choice of this young couple who decided to invite as many as three hundred friends, relatives, family members to celebrate their wedding in Tuscany. The rule to follow? Seasonality: flowers, products, menus. But do not think only of spring or summer months for the wedding: we have already had the opportunity to talk about the magic of an autumn wedding or the beauty of a winter wedding.

Typical Tuscan decorations and menu

The greatest desire of the spouses was to make even their friends fall in love with this Italian Region, so special for them. The recipe was simple: note that the simplicity perceived by the guests does not respect that of the checklist by a professional wedding planner. Seasonal flowers for floral arrangements, a Tuscan menu that gave everyone an element of particularity in sharing the wedding.

And as centerpieces? Pretty aromatic plants: basil, rosemary, thyme, together with beautiful white flowers. The choice of aromatic plants is increasingly appreciated, especially by spouses who do not live in Italy. On the other hand, the simplicity of Italian cuisine with the exquisiteness of its dishes, it is sublimated by the wise use of herbs that have always been part of the history of Italy.

Magical frame: the Tuscan countryside

All in the splendid setting of the Florentine countryside: great location for weddings in Tuscany.
The importance of the location is in fact known to all couples about to get married. Certainly it is important to understand that the perfect location will never be such without the right support of professionals able to make every angle magical: whether it is a Medici villa or a garden that, as a typical Tuscan, becomes Indian!