Friday 24 May 2024
Corporate Event

Opening party of the Villoresi Museum and boutique in Florence

The Villoresi Museum occupies part of the boutique in Via De Bardi where Lorenzo Villoresi exhibits his creations. The inauguration party was an exclusive event that saw us involved for two different evenings.

Lorenzo Villoresi: art of perfume in Italy

Lorenzo Villoresi is a Tuscan master perfumer who dedicates himself to his art with passion. His company is a precious example of Made in Italy that has been able to enhance and promote its craftsmanship over time, becoming a reference point in the world.

Corsini Events was the proud partner of a great success that involved the whole family: the inauguration of the Villoresi boutique-museum in Florence.

The Villoresi Museum in Via de Bardi

The intent of Lorenzo Villoresi and his family was to offer guests of their boutique in Via de Bardi an opportunity to discover the world of perfumery art more deeply. They therefore chose to dedicate part of the space to the setting up of the Villoresi Museum, the perfume museum.

It is a multisensory path with numerous olfactory locations. At the center of the visit is the odors library, or the Osmorama which offers more than 1000 different fragrances.

The exclusive opening party

The first opening party took place in September 2018. It was an unofficial event dedicated to 200 selected guests who were able to preview the boutique and museum. For them, we organized an exclusive cocktail inside the shop and guided tours personally conducted by members of the Villoresi family.

After all, who better than the protagonists could guide guests to discover the universe of perfume, smell and the appearance of the main aromatic materials, history, myths and legends related to this art.

Official opening of boutique and museum

The second exclusive and private opening party took place in June 2019. Also for this event we organized an aperitif with cocktails and finger food for about 200 people. Several city authorities who participated in the opening were also present.

The curiosity that aroused the Villoresi Museum was also satisfied in the following open day, with visits around the museum opened to the public.

Event production by Corsini Events

For both occasions, we took care of the entire event and created tailor-made settings coordinated with the style of the boutique. Our interventions were almost camouflaged in the context of the location, giving the event a special familiar atmosphere just as Lorenzo Villoresi desired.

The great appreciation of the new spaces by all the participants translated into a real success for the two event-evenings.