Tuesday 25 June 2024
Event Production

Production Manager of the Re-Generation Festival: a challenge that has just successfully ended

The organization of the Re-Generation Festival, recently ended, saw our team working with international artists in the splendid setting of the Boboli Gardens. An exceptional production made possible by the collaboration with the Mascarade Opera Studio Foundation and the Uffizi Galleries.

New Generation Festival 2020 in compliance with Covid-19 regulations

The 3rd edition of the New Generation Festival has just ended. Also this year, as Production Manager of the event, our team has worked to bring international great music and artists to Florence.

The festival was truly memorable and absolutely unique compared to past editions. Thanks to a special alliance with the Mascarade Opera Studio Foundation and the Uffizi Galleries, we were able to organize the event in an exceptional location, the Boboli Gardens, respecting all the regulations imposed by the Covid-19 emergency. The Re-Generation Festival has been a real tribute to the world from the city of Renaissance, to demonstrate in those difficult times the restorative power of the arts. “Great music is great music”.

The commitment of the Corsini team: from project to reality

To emphasize the uniqueness of this edition and its character of hope and a new beginning for the city of Florence, the name “Re-Generation Festival” was coined. The four nights of music, from 26 to 29 August 2020, were the culmination of a production that saw us engaged from August 3thr, the opening date of the construction site in the Parco delle Colonne.

We designed and built the entire area of the theater from scratch: stage, grandstands and backstage. In the same way we took care of the dismantling by coordinating a team of suppliers selected by us.

The success of the 4 music nights

To respect the rules on social distancing, the grandstands have been modified to accommodate just one fifth of their maximum capacity, about 500 people per night. As for the scenography of the stage, we thought of an ad hoc video projection for each show. The final effect was beautiful, also granting a great view of the garden.

The great success of all the nights confirmed the popularity of the festival. Seat reservations, open at midnight on August 17th, were already sold out at 8am of the same morning for all dates scheduled in the program and many guests were on the waiting list.

Pre-festival: gala dinner at the Corsini Garden

About 400 people worked on the realization of the Re-Generation Festival and over 300 artists performed. The opening night of the event also saw us involved in the organization of the gala dinner at the Corsini Garden. To inaugurate the festival there was a welcome drink for the guests, about 120, followed by a dinner set up in the main boulevard of the garden.

The guests sat at a long imperial table of over 80 meters, spaced from each other in order to respect all the rules dictated by the Covid-19 emergency. The table was completely covered with candles of various sizes, which, combined with a special lighting design, made the atmosphere truly suggestive.