Friday 24 May 2024

Rosa & Jorge: a Latin wedding on the Tuscan hills

The wedding of Rosa and Jorge was a true Latin event in honor of the Dominican origins of the bride. After the wedding ceremony, in the late morning, guests enthusiastically participated in the aperitif and the open-air lunch. The party then continued into the grove of the location that served as a backdrop for music and dancing until late at night.

The wedding villa of Rosa & Jorge

The whole event took place in an exceptional location: a private villa in the Tuscan hills whose atmosphere made the ceremony and the following party even more fascinating.

The fact that it was a private house, not designed to host events, made it necessary to create a real space where to receive the guests and organize the wedding. As an event producer, such challenges don’t scare us! We have carefully evaluated each area of the villa and proposed a solution immediately appreciated by the couple.

Custom setting for the wedding lunch

The splendid avenue of cypresses, entrance of the villa, struck us so much that we imagined here the reception. However, it was necessary to design a system to make it easier for guests to pass and to organize the lunch setting.

We have therefore created a long carpeted leveling platform, which was invisible to the guests, but congenial and functional to accommodate about 90 meters of imperial table. This is a challenge that we have successfully won!

The ceremony and the aperitif in the cellars

The wedding ceremony took place in the private chapel of the villa. Its intimate and welcoming atmosphere, together with the custom-made fittings, made the ritual a truly magical and exciting moment for all the participants.

Afterwards, the guests were directed to the charming wine cellars of the villa to participate in the aperitif. The exposed barrels that are found in this environment have further accentuated the festive atmosphere and encouraged toasts in favor of the newlyweds.

The “loco” party as per South American tradition

At the end of the wedding lunch, the party in the wood of the villa began. For the occasion we have set up this space as a real ballroom surrounded by nature. Designer furnishings, fairy lights and decorations specially made for the event provided the backdrop for a magical evening that continued until late at night.

The party reached its peak with the “hora loca”. According to this South American tradition, for this special moment all guests were invited to wear carnival masks and give life to a moment of goliardic madness with light and smoke, all made even more fun by the particular dancefloor among the trees.