Friday 24 May 2024

Wedding in Florence at the Corsini Garden for Julie and Matteo

For their wedding, Julie and Matteo had clear ideas. They wanted a joyful wedding celebrated outdoors in the city with which they are both madly in love: Florence.

VIP wedding at Giardino Corsini al Prato

That of Julie and Matteo, a model and an artist both famous in their sector, was a vip wedding. The guests included many well-known faces of fashion and art for whom privacy and confidentiality were a fundamental requirement of the event.

The experience in these cases is a determining factor, and this was certainly not the first vip wedding that our team had to organize. The couple totally trusted us with the security that they and their guests would have enjoyed the event in complete privacy.

"Urban Garden": the location chosen by the couple

Julie and Matteo’s wishes were clear right away: getting married in Florence in an “Urban Garden”. With these premises, we immediately proposed the Corsini Garden.

A green environment framed by statues and boxwoods, a private garden, not open to the public, in the center of Florence. The charm of this unique and special location has enchanted the couple since the very beginning and it amazed their guests who did not expect such an elegant natural space hidden in the heart of Florence.

Special transfer from the church to the location

The wedding ceremony took place in the magnificent Church of Ognissanti, just 3 minutes from the Corsini Garden. This short journey has been done by the newlyweds in a splendid vintage car of Italian police.

The car, truly original, was a specific request from the groom who wanted to surprise all the guests with a joyful and unexpected moment. His entry into the boulevard of Giardino Corsini marked the beginning of the reception and fun for all the guests!

The wedding reception in the lemon house

Guests were offered a welcome cocktail in the loggia area, which leads to Palazzo Corsini. The moment was cheered by the live music of the overwhelming Dixie Band. The music then accompanied the bride and groom and their guests to the big lemon house where the wedding dinner tooks place.

Decorated and embellished with fairy lights and greenery that covered the ceiling, the lemon house presented the fairytale atmosphere that Julie and Matteo wanted for their wedding.

Party and cake cutting in an exclusive club

The central lemon house was instead used as a setting for the cutting of the cake and the final party. In this case, we chose to create a custom light design that could enhance the authentic character of the location.

The atmosphere was that of an exclusive club that guests particularly enjoyed dancing until late at night.

Event production a cura di Corsini Events

For the wedding of Julie and Matteo, our team played as event producer, creating all the necessary arrangements for the event. The bride and groom found in Corsini Events a real support and an expert guide who would advise them all along the way until the big day. As professionals we are committed to offering them the best solutions, the ones that most reflect their dreams! Making the wedding of such a young, fun and in love couple has been a real pleasure for us!

Ph: Susan Mariani Photography