Tuesday 23 July 2024

Weekend wedding in Florence and Chianti for Tina and William

Funny, beautiful and madly in love, Tina and William have realized their dream of a wedding in Tuscany in the splendid location of Villa Le Corti, surrounded by the Chianti hills.

Autumn wedding in Tuscany

Austrian origins for her English for him, Tina and William dreamed of a wedding that would be a celebration and meeting occasion for all their friends and relatives. The charm of a destination wedding in Tuscany immediately won them over! With the date set, October 5th, preparations have begun.

For them we have organized 3 days of celebrations and events in the Chianti countryside. Tina and William spent an entire weekend with their guests in an atmosphere that was always full of fun and emotions.

The wedding weekend in Tuscany

The wedding weekend in Tuscany opened on Friday with a cocktail event in the center of Florence. After this welcome, the guests remained in town to attend the wedding ceremony in St. James Church the next day. The religious ceremony took place in the early afternoon and was particularly exciting for everyone.

Afterwards, guests and newlyweds headed to Villa Le Corti for the wedding reception. This elegant location, surrounded by vineyards, was the perfect setting for a unique event that saw Tina and William protagonists of the evening.

Fall-themed palette and decorations

The wedding palette included all the autumn colors of nature, in particular burgundy and blue along with shades of lilac, blush pink and green. The floral decorations, made to measure, collected all these colors in wonderful compositions also used as centerpieces.

Spectacular dinner at sunset in the internal courtyard of Villa Le Corti! It is here that we have set up a tailor-made stage to accommodate the band chosen for the entertainment of the whole evening. The lights and sound system followed a custom design that perfectly suited both the band and, later, the DJ.

Cake cutting and party on the notes of the Beatles

Among the most beautiful moments of the party, which continued until late at night, we cannot fail to remember the moving first dance of Tina and William to the notes of “All you need is love” by The Beatles and the cutting of the cake with the couple surrounded by their closest friends and relatives. The party then ended with a really beautiful moment in which the friends of the couple gathered around them and danced together and sang to the tune of “Hey Jude”.

The next day, before the final goodbyes, everyone gathered for brunch. Tina and William’s wedding was an intense three days but full of satisfactions, it was really a pleasure to support this couple on their most beautiful day!