Tuesday 23 July 2024
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Wedding Industry Meeting 2018: the importance of the Wedding Sector in Tuscany

A unique opportunity to launch an appeal to the aggregation of companies working in the field of the wedding organization. 100 companies in the Marriage Sector responded: “Yes, I want it” to the participation of the Wedding Industry Meeting 2018, last 17th of April.

The goal of this event, underlined by the same words of Tommaso Corsini, founder together with his brother Lorenzo of Corsini.Events is not easy. The goal of Corsini.Events Group, the company that created the Wedding Industry Meeting is to “make Tuscany truly competitive in the face of international competitors”.

Always quoting the words of Tommaso Corsini: “The Wedding industry is a production sector that has yet to be studied and analyzed by the institutions, but it represents one of the best areas of tourism in Tuscany, both for the average staying and per capita expenditure”.

Tuscany, center of the wedding industry

The Wedding Sector allows the development of local companies, historical houses, without forgetting that it allows the financing of private and public cultural assets. In addition, it supports the quality of food and wine, taking advantage of high-quality goods and services, despite the “hit and run” tourism that leaves nothing to the capital of the Renaissance.

With the support of the Convention Bureau, a strong appeal was made for the aggregation of companies operating in the field of the organization of weddings, wedding planners, service companies and catering. Without forgetting also publications like Sposi Magazine or Elle Sposa Italia, who participated in the figures of Paola Pizzo, editorial director of Sposi Magazine, and Giovanni Sparacio, director of Elle Sposa Italia.

Aggregation does not mean losing one’s personality or business history, but rather creating common platforms for comparison, in which to share statistical analysis. All that in order to give not only more solid foundations to companies operating in the wedding sector, but also greater guarantees to the spouses and then to customers. Translating the whole with a wider success of the destination Tuscany.

This aggregative process will lead Tuscany to be an unbeatable destination at the international level for Beauty, Culture and Professionalism. What else to add but a wish so that the Wedding Sector can become a beacon of Made in Italy in the world, such as the Fashion System, or the culinary sector? Meanwhile, talking about excellence, you can view the video of the event here.