Friday 24 May 2024

Corsini Events, the art of wedding in Italy

What does it mean to create an exclusive wedding in Italy? Experience teaches us that every marriage should be “exclusive” simply because it is yours! Our team will be supportive, always at your side to help you in every decision.

Plan an exclusive wedding in Italy

To organize an exclusive wedding in Italy you need to rely on experienced wedding planners, who work in the luxury sector and know its dynamics perfectly. But above all to experts in the area. For Corsini Events a luxury wedding does not mean expensive, but cared for in every detail.

Our team works in such a way as to pay attention to every single element of the marriage. Every moment of the big day, from the ceremony to the reception, is studied individually.

Luxury weddings in Italy with Corsini Events.Group

Since its foundation, Corsini Events.Group has as its purpose the organization of unique experiences for each of the guests participating in the wedding. Obviously the bride and groom are the first on the list! Their personal desires and tastes are at the center of every choice. It is from these fantasies and preferences that we start to develop an original idea that will be the basis of the event, that special touch capable of making it unique and inimitable.

Actually, giving life to an exclusive wedding is just this: to create an unforgettable experience, tailor-made for the couple.

Corsini Events.Group: destination wedding planner in Italy

To ensure the success of the event, we collaborate with all kind of suppliers, the best in their sector: from catering, to photos, to audio and lighting services, to floral design. Our team always has a golden rule, never replacing the true protagonists of marriage: the bride and the groom. All final decisions, regarding suppliers, locations, entertainment, are up to them. Our task, what we dedicate ourselves to with passion and enthusiasm, is to propose every possible solution that reflects the couple’s desires and also, not least, the available budget.

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