Tuesday 23 July 2024

Fall weddings in Tuscany: planning the wedding day in September or October

The wedding season in Italy is not limited to summer and spring. Autumn months, between September and October, are ideal to have outdoor ceremonies and parties. Tuscany in particular enjoys warm and nice weather throughout autumn.

Why fall weddings in Tuscany are the best

There are several advantages in having a fall wedding in Italy, particularly in Tuscany. Nice and warm weather is definitely the first reason: the Tuscan sun adds a special magic to every moment of the wedding day! Those who argue about the danger of rain should consider that, in fact, the problem exists in every season of the year.

You should always have a plan B ready for any occurrence. Wedding venues in Tuscany provide lots of options to shelter you and your guests from the rain and the cold weather, still they let you enjoy the beauties of this land.

Tuscany’s seasonal delicacies for your wedding menu

Food is another great reason to get married in autumn. This season provides some of the best delicacies like truffles, mushrooms, chestnuts, olive oil and wine. You can easily include these foods in the wedding menu and create a custom food experience for you and your guests.

Rely on an expert planner and catering service to make sure that only the best ingredients are included in the recipes you will choose for your wedding day. A team of experts can help you achieve that food experience you are looking for at your wedding banquet.

Colors palette of an autumn wedding in Tuscany

Something that is always missing in the pros and cons of an autumn wedding in Tuscany is the natural scenario. The hilly landscape of Tuscany is made even more beautiful by the incredible colors of autumn.

Yellow, orange, red and gold rule the landscape palette: on the trees, on the lawns, in the vineyards… nature offers a romantic background for your wedding photos and videos. These colors may also be of inspiration for all the decorations and the floral compositions needed on the wedding day.

Availability and costs to plan a fall wedding in Tuscany

Last but not least, you should consider availability and costs. Wedding venues are way more crowded with guests and events over the spring and summer, booking your favorite one for the wedding weekend will definitely be easier if you set the date in September or October. Same logic applies to wedding vendors: floral designers, photographers, catering services, videographers will probably be free of other engagements.

As for costs, you will be sure to maximize your budget when relying on a wedding planner. We recommend a local wedding planner is the best choice.