Tuesday 25 June 2024

What is the perfect style for your wedding?

From the boho chic wedding style to 20’s theme. The importance of keeping a common thread. Who decides which style is perfect for a wedding? The mother of the bride, the family, the grandparents: there are so many figures that are involved in the organization of a wedding, first of all, the spouses wherever you come from. Not to mention the professional experts accompanying the future couple: wedding planners, the catering service,  flower designers and so on. Each theme has its own story, often linked to the couple’s personal life.

The theme of marriage can be declined in a thousand variants and in all the venues that will host the bride and groom as well as their guests during the wedding day. The important thing is to keep a common thread that connects every place: from the location where the wedding rite is celebrated to the place where guests will share a welcome drink and then the location for the lunch or the dinner. Without forgetting the place where the party will take place to end the celebrations.

In order to understand whether the chosen style is perfect for the wedding or not, who can give you the best reply? It is already given by your heart. There are those couples who prefer to organize their wedding by following the “Boho Chic” style, whose main ingredients are: the combination of gypsy details, a pinch of ethnicity and a touch of country. On the other side, there are couples fascinated by the magical atmospheres of the “The Great Gatsby”, for a wedding in a perfect 20’s style.

And if there are no ideas for the wedding theme, how to organize the perfect ceremony? The advice is to not force yourself in trying to find the right style for your wedding. The perfect style is the one that best represents the couple. There will be couples ready to start to dance on latino rhythm. Other couples will choose a more traditional style, with classics that are never out of fashion, may be interpreted by exceptional performers such as opera singers.

Researching the perfect style for your marriage should not be a cause of stress and discussion for the couple. Nothing is complex when supported by professionals used to work with very specials and internationals guests. For example, you can start from the chosen location: if it is a castle, a Tuscany villa, start to look the natural features that it offers, in order to find that common thread that makes the bride and groom sure to start the right path.