Friday 24 May 2024

Wedding Planner wanted! The advice of our team for your wedding

How to find the right wedding planner? Why is this professional figure so important? Direct interview to the experts! Wedding Planner: a profession that has a universe of persons inside. Those who organize, plan, support the couples that decide to entrust their wedding day to those who have experience in the field.

How to choose the wedding planner

As in every sector, service levels are varied and adaptable to the needs of each request. Of course, the experience counts: above all if you decide to choose professionals with well-documented national and international marriages.

This is why we meet the Team of Corsini.Events: in particular the Staff of Wedding Planners who follow the most diverse marriages. From couples of foreigners who have chosen Italy for their “Destination Wedding”, to the Royal ones, or even to Italian couples who are in love with the Tuscany Region.

Step by step: organizing the wedding

Q: What is the first step that a Wedding Planner must bring to the attention of the couple?

A: We would not speak of the first step, but even before “Step number zero”, because “Who starts well is half of the work”. For us Wedding Planner of Corsini.Events, everything starts with the planning of an event. It is mainly based on the relationship of collaboration that is created between the client and the organizational team. We all need a defined line-up with the couple, with the client’s commitments, of the Wedding Planner. This in order to define every time frame for the organization of the event, of the wedding, without stress.

Q: If this is the zero step, to quote what mentioned above, what is the number one step?

A: Step one begins after making several interviews with our clients. It’s time to outline the ideas and the project. Pinterest, Instagram, the various blogs that the bride often submits to us, the images in the portfolio of our previous work -not all, in fact a minor part is on the site, for reasons of privacy- they support us in getting closer and closer to those that are the wishes of our customers. Basic step to start a good design work is to find the right location. It must be said that one of the many pleasant aspects of our work is also discovering something new and surprising, whenever the opportunity presents itself. And this despite privileged contacts and exclusive partners throughout Italy and beyond!

Q: After having submitted several places and getting the ok from the couple for the location, what does a wedding planner do?

A: The work continues! We are only at the beginning of the route. Once the project is approved by the customers, even if not in the minimum detail at this stage, it becomes easier for us to understand which selection of suppliers to contact, to whom a detailed brief can be sent in order to obtain a first draft of the proposal and planning that economic. Once the required estimates are obtained, we share the materials with the clients and support them and advise them in their choices. The purpose is to reserve the suppliers who will officially be involved in the realization of the event. Think, for example, of the floral designer.

Q: The path is long: I thought it was much simpler. Step 3, chosen suppliers thanks to the advice of the Wedding planner which is?

A: “Alea iacta est” or “The die is drawn”: our task is to act as a mediator between customers and the supplier, checking that the timing of confirmation and payment of advances are respected. The confirmation of a supplier does not necessarily mean the complete confirmation of the project. The latter may vary according to new logistical needs, changes in taste and style during the organization of the marriage, additions or removals of some items, which may occur over time.

Q: Location found, selected suppliers, all confirmed? So the work of the Wedding Planner, who plans the marriage, can be said to be finished?

A: Absolutely not! This is where step 4 comes into play: the drafting of the executive project. A serious wedding planner is also characterized by the drafting of the document that at least a week before the event will be shared with all the suppliers involved. Because? To establish the last details of assembly, disassembly, complete timing and for a complete overhaul of the entire project. At the same time it is necessary to draw up immediately the document related to the economic report of all the items, so as to be able to “monitor” each change and make sure of what has been set.

Q: Rightly the budget, which from what is shared in this interview, is controlled slavishly by the work of the Wedding Planner, thus eliminating a lot of stress for the couple. We are at step number five, I would say that now yes, your work is finished!

A: The wedding planner’s work does not end on the wedding day! We are always at the side of the couple to manage what has been decided and also the unexpected events of the last second. If the bride and groom will have time to take a look over their guests outside the church, they will find there, so for the transfer, the arrival at the villa, the departure of the songs at every special moment, cutting the cake, until the last hug with the first light of dawn. We are always at the side of couples who rely on us, discreetly, to greet them and to thank them for making us participate in their dream!