Tuesday 25 June 2024

Wedding planning in Florence: advice from a local expert

Florence is one of the most popular wedding destinations in Tuscany and in the whole Italy, so, of course, it is the headquarters of lots of wedding and event professionals. However, wedding planning in Florence is not as easy as you may think.

The challenges of wedding planning in Florence

Designers, venue owners, caterers, entertainment companies, photographers are just a few specialists you’ll have to deal with when planning your wedding and given that there are so many possibilities available you may at least feel a bit confused and overwhelmed.

How to overcome such stress? Rely on one single advisor: an experienced wedding planner in Florence will be able to give you all the information needed and provide you the best solutions.

Planning a destination wedding in Florence

A destination wedding in Florence opens up lots of different possibilities. This is a great plus of the city: it has everything you need to plan any kind of wedding. Everything you are looking for for your special day can be achieved in Florence or in its surroundings! Of course, you have to be experienced enough to know where to look to find the best solutions. Otherwise, this huge amount of options will turn into a labyrinth!

The city, the countryside, the hills… a local wedding planner can guide you all around the territory. Also, he or she can support you in finding the vendors that best suit your needs, your budget and your preferences.

Florence wedding planners

The team of Corsini Events.Group mainly works in Florence and Tuscany since the company’s foundation. Over the years, the deep knowledge of local territory and local vendors has made our team easy to give couples fast answers even to the most peculiar requests.

Florence weddings are something couples from all over the world dream about. The art, the culture, the romance, the beauty and the history of this city are just the perfect backdrop for a love story. Our will is to realize each and every one of those dreams turning them into a real event and Florence grants us everything we need.