Tuesday 23 July 2024

Wedding Trend 2022: our tips and inspiration

In 2021, couples of future spouses have restarted to dream about their wedding, concerning pandemic restriction. Covid has left a lasting impression on 2022 trends too. But, despite the difficulties, the year will represent a new starting point. Are you curious about the news? Well, we are sure that protagonists will be garden weddings and Destination elopements. So, read our tips and inspirations about wedding trends 2022.

From Destination Wedding to Destination Elopement in Tuscany

Due to the lockdown, elopements increased in popularity. More and more couples decided to reduce the guest number and turned to intimate, private celebrations. Often with just a few witnesses or close family. And we are sure that this trend will remain during 2022. Why? Because now, couples want to enjoy intimate ceremonies spending more time with truly loved family members and friends.

For this reason, lots of Destination Weddings in Tuscany will turn into Destination Elopements in Tuscany, with a small number of close people. Fewer guests, more fun, and love.

Planning the party after a micro wedding

Talking about elopement, we are sure this kind of intimate event will continue in different forms for years to come. But, in 2022 there will be another new trend: the wedding party on the first anniversary.

Lots of couples may be married in 2021 with a micro-wedding, just with their witnesses. But, after one year – on the occasion of their first anniversary – they may decide to celebrate with all their loved ones, planning a different wedding reception.

Sustainable design for garden weddings

According to the increasing attention to sustainability, getting married in 2022 will see garden weddings as the real protagonist, together with the so-called backyard weddings. What is this? A wedding setup that takes inspiration from home atmospheres.

Couples continue to embrace the open-air celebration creating a funny, joking, garden wedding experience. With regards to the d├ęcor, the color palette is moving towards natural colors.

Trend 2022 rewrite the rule about wedding entertainment

After lots of restrictions, the couple wants to offer an unforgettable experience of entertainment for their guests.
So, it will be time for music, dances, and fun. Instead of just a DJ, you can call a live band and a DJ for the late-night set. If they’re really into dancing, a silent disco might even follow that.

Our tip is to plan a wedding reception with a fire and LED show, too. Another idea is creating a Photobooth with a photo camera and unusual accessories for guests. In this way, anyone who wants can take hilarious photos. The pictures will be special memories for the newlyweds and the guests, too.