Friday 24 May 2024

Why you should consider getting married on a weekday

Weekday weddings are about to get a lot more popular, because of their different advantages over a weekend celebration. Unlike what many people claim, we think they are a pretty awesome idea, and in this article, we will let you in on a secret. So, read more and discover why you should consider getting married on a weekday.

Plan your ceremony and reception for mid-week

Especially after coronavirus and lots of postponed weddings, not every couple can have a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday wedding. Why? Because the wedding venues have been booked. But, don’t worry! You may decide to plan your ceremony and reception on a weekday.

Moreover, you should think about this kind of wedding thanks to the lower price tags. Some wedding suppliers will have flexible pricing for weekdays weddings, and couples can obtain lower rates, up to 30% off.

Alert your guests far in advance if you getting married on a weekday

Against the economic benefits, you must also take into account some disadvantages and logistical issues. But, don’t worry. The team of Corsini Events is ready to accompany you in every phase of your wedding.

To get as many people as possible to attend your wedding, you have to alert your guests far in advance. Send the invitation at least three months before the wedding and send the save-the-date some weeks before the ceremony. This way, it will give guests plenty of time to secure vacation days and arrange their busy programs.

Think about the timetable of your weekday wedding

Another important aspect is the timetable of the ceremony and the reception. We suggest you plan the wedding after 6:30 p.m. so that guests who live nearby won’t have to take a full day off of work.

Not only. Because most guests the day after having work, won’t stay until the wee hours of the morning. So, weekday weddings are a better solution for couples hosting dry weddings, or if any of the guests won’t be drinking alcohol.