Tuesday 23 July 2024

What is the right location for your event in Italy?

How to choose between a villa, a palace, a castle or a convention center. There are several factors to consider. When looking for the right location for your event, whether it’s a wedding or a corporate event, there are some simple tips to follow so that everything is perfect. What are the elements to keep in mind? This article is intended to list the main ones: sometimes they might seem obvious, but they are not.

Very often both the married couple and the CEO or the CEO of a company fall in love with a location, because maybe reminds them of a particular moment of their life, or because it is just a postcard location. By falling in love, however, you risk losing objectivity of some important points that must be well present in the mind of who will be responsible for the management and preparation of the event: either an event manager, a wedding planner or a communication office manager.

Four tips to choose the location

Point 1: Logistics.
Is the chosen location easily accessible for guests? Does it have a comfortable parking space? If there are guests with special needs, can these be accessed? If it is a convention center, it is better to choose one in a 5-star hotel with parking. If instead, the intention is to welcome guests in a location with more charm, such as a villa or a castle, make sure that this is not inaccessible, in a road with a steep slope.

Point 2: Traffic.
To make it easier for guests to arrive, was the choice of a historic building in the city center the right one? It is not always an optimal option: imagine the center of a metropolis or even a tourist city like Florence. The center is often congested. If possible, better leave the city center and prefer a villa not so far. A good distance, within 10 km, allows you to find yourself already immersed in the Tuscan countryside, free from traffic and stress. At the same time, guests can go to visit the city center if they wish.

Point 3: Style.
Once you have chosen the geographical area, whether city center or country, it is time to define the event. Formal or informal ? Is this a presentation of new products or team building activities ? Is it a private ceremony or a family event ? For every type of event, there is a style that must be respected in each detail. If it’s a wedding for example, the style can range from minimal to boho-chic.

Point 4: The number of guests and their special needs.
The right location is different from the others because it allows a flexible space according to the number of guests. Whether a private group is very little or an event for 500 people or more: the choice of the ideal space for organizing a corporate event or an anniversary must take this point into account. Even better if the location can easily adapt to the needs of guests with reduced mobility.

By following these four points, there are no doubts: the right location is at your fingertips!