Tuesday 23 July 2024

Getting married in Italy: the most desirable wedding in the world

Last year, over eleven thousand foreign couples chose our country for their wedding, reconfirming Tuscany as one of the most desirable destinations for foreign weddings over the past thirty years. Thanks to its innumerable unique venues, the wedding market here embraces the tourism one and gives life to a real segment in its own right: the destination wedding. Rai journalist Debora Penzo, together with her crew, went to Villa Corsini a Mezzomonte to meet Tommaso Corsini and find out more about the destination wedding market in Tuscany.

Rai Casa Italia interviews Tommaso Corsini

“The destination wedding market is one whose fabric includes more than forty thousand companies and businesses born from the desire to offer customers an excellent service”. This is how Tommaso Corsini begins the story of what the sector represents for Tuscany. “Clients from all over the world look both for the different and the new in Tuscany, a unique way to depict their own stories and personalities. In addition to the skill of the professionals in the sector, all the wonderful scenery that Tuscany offers allows us to represent, in countless different ways, the idea of ​​romanticism for each couple“.

Art, history, and culture in a single territory to be preserved: Tuscany

Florence, cradle of the Renaissance, is the heart of Tuscany, a territory, rather than a geographical region, that is rich in history, art, and culture. Every hill and every corner of all the wonderful Tuscan cities can be opportunities for discovery: a wedding in Tuscany is really an all-encompassing experience. “An issue that I have very close to my heart is sustainability. Requests in the world of destination weddings often result in large quantities and numbers: our goal as an organization, in addition to managing Villa Corsini, is to create incredible and unforgettable moments of celebration and joy for everyone…keeping the planet in mind”.

These are the words of Tommaso Corsini who, having grown up surrounded by the events of Villa Corsini and thanks to his ten-year experience in the wedding sector, conceived and created the Wedding Industry Meeting. The next edition will be held in Florence November 2023 and will include sustainability among the
various topics covered.

Villa Corsini a Mezzomonte

Debora Penzo gave the viewers of Casa Italia and Rai exclusive images and glimpses of Villa Corsini a Mezzomonte: the perfect Italian setting for those looking to transform their wedding into an incredible experience. A unique gem among the countless locations of the Tuscan landscape. Built specifically to host events, the Villa stands out thanks to the wonderful Renaissance frescoes that decorate the halls and its breathtaking views overlooking the Chianti hills, offering guests both the beauty of art and nature. From big wedding receptions to elopement scenarios, Villa Corsini welcomes any type of celebration, embracing all cultures and traditions from the most remote corners of the world.

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