Monday 15 April 2024

Jewish wedding flowers: the tips of the floral designer Simone Bertini

Simone Bertini, the fourth generation of florists in his family, has created the project Floral Experience for floral arrangements for weddings and events. Expert in designing and producing floral sets, Simone is a professional recognized in Italy and abroad for his exceptional creations. We asked him for tips on the flower arrangement for the Jewish wedding. Here’s what he said.

What characterizes the floral arrangement of a Jewish wedding?

The Jewish wedding includes the realization of the chuppah, the typical canopy decorated with flowers and fabrics representing a house. Precisely because of its meaning and the value attributed to it by the Jewish tradition, it is significant to make it beautiful and elegant with fresh and colorful flowers.

The chuppah, in fact, represents the focus of the entire Jewish wedding ceremony. So, it must be a strong visual impact.

How to make a chuppah?

To realize this kind of decoration is essential to respect the specific parameters to create it and the dimensions it must have. It must be built by resting on four poles that will be decorated with flowers. On the contrary, the roof is made with elegant fabric.

Under the chuppa, there is a ceremony that sees the protagonists of the spouses with their families. According to the requests of the bride and groom, the colors and style of the floral decoration can change. Everything can be customized and made to measure.

How to make an unforgettable flower design for a Jewish wedding

The Jewish religion prefers ceremonies in summer with outdoor dinners because of dances and moments of entertainment during the reception. High temperatures and sun, therefore, represent a significant obstacle for florists.

The structure and decorations of the chuppa must be realized in the wedding venue, so it is essential that the work is done quickly and with expert hands. The result will be unique and elegant.