Tuesday 23 July 2024

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Market trends are a fundamental element to take into consideration when planning an event: from weddings to birthdays and private or corporate events.
Having the feel and knowledge of what the market has to offer allows you to allocate the budget in the most functional way. Indeed, the skill of a good planner is understanding the client’s requests and transforming them into a unique style. Experience allows us to undergo an in-depth search for the most suitable and competitive service providers.

Corsini.Events, thanks to its know-how in the events sector, has a network capable of fulfilling the wish of every customer, from the most common to the most peculiar one.

Make your event unique with attention to detail

The furnishing elements, decor and additional ad-hoc services are what allows the planner to make an event truly unique and unforgettable. Corsini.Events, due to its 60-year presence in the sector, has managed to create a solid offer of furnishings and decorative elements, always following the latest market trends. This strong point allows customers to reduce transport costs and manage the budget in an optimal way. For Corsini.Events, your wish is a command.

Finding unique features, such as an unobtainable vintage car or sought-after food and beverages, is what we do best thanks to our strong network of reliable suppliers that have worked with us for many years.

Planning and coordination of an event: the magic touch of Corsini.Events

For Corsini.Events, honoring the ancient art of service is the basis of every event. Striving to organize everything to perfection, providing customers and their guests with impeccable service is at the core of all our work.

The professionalism of Corsini.Events is also reflected in the coordination of the event and the consultancy service offered to outline a specific path and structure that satisfies every request. The experience gained by the agency and the professionalism of each individual team member make it possible to support the customer throughout the entire planning and production process.

Events as 360-degree experiences

Weddings, just like corporate events (along with private events and celebrations of any type) often welcome guests from every corner of the globe. Making their stay unique is a fundamental objective for Corsini.Events. We count on a very solid network of contacts in Tuscany and beyond, which allows to create an infinite number of experiences aimed at discovering local traditions, details, and flavors. The consolidated partnership with FlorenceTown – Towns of Italy means customers and their guests can enjoy exclusive experiences such as exploring the most beautiful locations, visiting places that are usually inaccessible, savoring all the flavors of the region…all this can stop being a dream and become reality.

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