Tuesday 25 June 2024

Corsini.Events Christmas Cocktail @Villa Corsini a Mezzomonte

A toast to re-meet and stay together.

A unique moment, full of warmth, an exceptional evening. On November 30th, Corsini.Events hosted its Christmas Cocktail in the wonderful setting of Villa Corsini a Mezzomonte. After these past years of restrictions and difficulties, Tommaso and Lorenzo Corsini felt that a true celebration was needed. Dozens of friends and collaborators gathered together to enjoy an evening hosted for them. From Milan to Sardinia, the world of events and beyond gathered to relax, share and exchange thoughts at the (almost) end of a season that was full of projects and events.

Daisy’s: Fondazione Mascarade Opera’s new project in collaboration with Alma Project 24/7

Special attention was given to the entertainment part, thanks to the debut of Daisy’s, Fondazione Mascarade Opera’s newest project in collaboration with Alma Project 24/7. A myriad of international artists gave life to a repertoire that spanned from the Cuban music of Arachel Dolphie to the gypsy and Balkan style of the Draba Ensemble, to Daisy’s Jazz Band and finally to the rhythm and blues of Kavinya Ndumbu. Both brilliant and innovative, but above all engaging performances, the guests of the Corsini.Events Christmas Cocktail were able to experience each show in a different room of Villa Corsini a Mezzomonte.

A moment to share and celebrate the synergy between different parts of the events world

The noble art of hosting has been rooted in Villa Corsini a Mezzomonte for decades. Tommaso and Lorenzo Corsini wanted to honor precisely this tradition by offering the guests of Corsini.Events the highest level of service. Synergy is the keyword of every event of Corsini.Events, which also on this occasion wanted to highlight the excellence of the Florentine and Tuscan territory. The list of suppliers chosen by the Corsini brothers showed their incredible skills and resources with no hesitation. A huge thank you therefore goes to all the guests, who with their presence and love created an unbeatable atmosphere. Another one goes to the suppliers who, with their lasting commitment, made a dream come true: to toast, hug each other, celebrate this Christmas and wish everyone an amazing 2023 together.

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