Tuesday 25 June 2024

Forbes Food & Fashion 2022: Corsini.Events at Principe di Savoia

What happens when the world of food and fashion meet?

Two apparently distant worlds but in constant dialogue: the world of Food and the world of Fashion. These are the crucial themes of the event organized by Forbes at the Principe di Savoia in Milan on 29 September 2022. An event hosted by the director of Forbes Italia Alessandro Rossi, punctuated by some protagonists of the sectors’ spechees: from Alessandro Borghese and Massimo Bottura to Tommaso Corsini, who with the world of events has brought the keystone to the union of the two sectors. An evening full of ideas and issues of growth essential for a future in continuous evolution.

Tommaso Corsini: the Made in Italy style signature

The speech of Tommaso Corsini brought attention to the theme of Made in Italy, a brand that embodies the unmistakable style that the world of Food and Fashion fully represent. Quality and personality, other themes that the world of Food and Fashion share with the world of Events: that’s why Tommaso Corsini in his speech talked about Corsini.Events as a reality of Event Production. The event producer is not just an orchestradirector, he is a highly specialized figure whose role is to identify the style needs of the customer and draw the event in every detail and moment, up to the direction itself.

A comparison between the excellence of the two sectors and more

Two worlds only apparently distant but in constant dialogue on the theme of serving the guest: it is the noblest art, historically essential for the Italian market. That’s why we talk about excellence combined with Made in Italy, a standard that this brand wants to have as a foundation. Forbes Food & Fashion was an opportunity to create sharing but above all contamination and exchange of new business ideas. See you next year!