Tuesday 23 July 2024

Lorenzo Corsini talks about high-profile events production

Lorenzo Corsini is a tireless inventor. He has a propensity for organizing unique and fun parties and arrangements, including the personal touch of each customer within each project. Scrupulous designer and optimistic by nature, Lorenzo has a degree in Architecture. Thanks to his experience, he can accurately assess the feasibility of the logistics and processes of an event.

What does it mean to produce high-profile events, and what distinguishes the Corsini.Events team in the sector?

In the world of the organization of events, the Events production is a work that presents more complexity than any other. As an athlete who participates in the Olympics of his discipline, producing high-profile events means for me to enter the Olympus of our industry.

You have to be very prepared and trained to fatigue and considerable psychological pressures. If we talk about the events world, there is no second chance: as we say in Italy, you navigate in the sea of “good the first!”.

What are the fundamental aspects in the realization of an event?

According to my experience, there are several aspects to keep in mind for making up the perfect equation for each event. We will always have four factors that outweigh everything else:

  • customer wishes
  • timing
  • schedule
  • budget

Each event production will compose the equation differently. The customer chooses the fixed value, and we return the variable factors.

Event and Wedding planning: how to satisfy the wishes of customers?

There are a thousand different ways to fulfill the wishes of clients. Why? Because every customer is unique. Perhaps, however, the best way is to look for a summary of all the successful events, offering to the customers what they asked for: nothing more (it is essential to keep waste under control), nothing less.

It gets a little complicated when the desires are more utopian/ideal than realistic. In this case, the work we have to do is a synthesis and declination in all parts to obtain a program that conceptually reflects the wishes of customers but is achievable in time and cost data.